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Jan 15, 2010 02:16 PM

Looking for chocolate confectioner's sugar

Has anyone ever seen prepackaged chocolate confectioner's sugar? I have an old recipe that calls for it, and I used to be able to find it in Florida in a regular grocery store years ago. I know I could mix cocoa and confectioner's sugar, but I would not know the correct proportion. I have tried Wegman's, Giant, Harris Teeter, Whole Foods, Safeway, and Trader Joe's.

Any leads would be a big help. Thanks!

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  1. i've hear Kroger used to carry it, but i don't know if you have that near you.

    what do you need it for? depending on the recipe and how chocolatey (and dark) you want it to be, you'll need a ratio of 2-4 tablespoons of cocoa per cup of powdered sugar.

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      This recipe calls for prepackaged chocolate confectioner's sugar, and the frosting was unbelievable. I have no clue how much cocoa to use if I mix it myself, though, to match the original recipe!

    2. I don't know and I have not seen it before but I find all unusual baking supplies at Little Bitts in Wheaton. Even if they don't have it, it is definitely worth a visit for any baker. The place is stuffed with great baking items.

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        Thanks! I am going to call tomorrow.