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Mar 31, 2005 07:51 PM

Orean Health Express

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Has anyone been to this all vegetarian fast food joint in Pasadena? Anyone have any comments on it?

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  1. I went there once and got a veggie burger which was this weird hockey puck of what seemed like deep-fried vegetable matter on an ordinary hamburger bun. It was weird anyway.

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      Air fries and a capuccino shake - but trust me, don't try and eat the the chili dog until you've gotten home and put on a garbage-bag poncho.

    2. Do not go!!!It is super gross!

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      1. We went a couple of weeks ago and tried the philly cheese steak. We really liked it.
        Now, of course, we're complete non-meat eaters (me for 30 years, my partner for about 10) so we're probably much more tolerant of certain "fake" meats.
        My partner has just chimed in to say that "the philly cheese steak is pretty close to meat, I think."
        We also ordered their African quesadilla which was nothing specia, and the chili fries which we'd never have again. But, the fries themselves were okay - they're air fried.
        If you're a meat eater you'll probably hate the place.

        1. Being a devout meat eater, I was pleasantly surprised when I went here once with a veggie friend. Had some sort of veggie burger w/BBQ sauce, & other vegetable toppings. It was actually pretty fresh & tasty. I would never pick it, but would be willing to eat there again w/veggie friends.

          1. i like their "chicken" sandwich. it is similar to a morningstar farms chik-patty. i doubt it's very healthy, though! their air fries are also pretty good. other than that, i wasn't too pleased with anything i've had there, and i've been completely vegetarian for 16 years now.