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Jan 15, 2010 12:27 PM

pork back fat in Edmonton

Is there anywhere I can get it without having to order ahead of time?

Where are some places that will order it for me?


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  1. I would try Ben's meats, I know they gave me fat once, can't remember if it was pork or not.
    15726 Stony Plain Road

    1. I would try one of the caribean stores. Or maybe somewhere like Smokin Iron Farms that does custom butchering and finishing.

      1. Give Todd at Old Country Meats & Deli. Worth a shot I think. 6328 106St 780.415.5677

        1. I found some at Ben's. They said they don't always have it in stock, but just happened to have some that somebody ordered and never picked up. My lucky day.

          Later on my friend also saw it at Superstore (I don't know which one).

          It's hard to find, so thanks for all the tips. I may end up using them in the future.