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Jan 15, 2010 11:58 AM

Wedding Reception in Avon / Vail / Beaver Creek

My Chowhound friends -

I am trying to decide on a wedding venue for next fall for my daytime brunch wedding. I have looked at

the Beaver Creek Lodge and Rocks Modern Grill. Rocks looks like the have a new chef, and I have not seen any reviews since he has taken over.

The Westin Riverfront and Restaurant Avondale.

The Sonnenelp.

The Park Hyatt's private dining room.

The Ritz-Carleton.

And if you have any other suggestions I would love to hear them. We are hoping for an outdoor ceremony and an indoor/outdoor reception.

Thanks in Advance.

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  1. Jennifer, I am a wedding planner here in Vail and my two favorite places are The Westin and The Ritz Carlton, you can get married outside at either place. How many guests are you having?

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    1. re: Frosted Pink Weddings

      We are planning on 80 people. I have worked in restaurants for years, and so fantastic food and service are tops on my list of requirments. Thank you for the suggestions. We are doing the rehearsal dinner at Dish in Edwards, and if I could have my way Jenna would be catering the next morning as well.

      1. re: jennifer6800

        First of all, congrats! That is a good call going with Dish for the rehearsal dinner. Their tasting menu is amazing. Jenna and her crew are very talented.

        I would go with the Westin and Avondale for your next morning option. I love both the hotel and restaurant and have been several times. Here's a thread:

    2. Have you thought about Donovan Pavilion?