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Jan 15, 2010 11:46 AM

What's up with the scones at Wilson Farms?

I'm curious if anyone else has seen a sharp decline in the quality of these things? I used to go out of my way to get them and the last 2 times a number of weeks apart they've been awful in very different ways.

First time they had expanded to such enormous size that they were tough, burnt raisins on the outside and undercooked in the middle. Today they looked great so I got one and tasted it. It was absolutely loaded with salt. If it were a savory biscuit it would have been much too salty but for a kind of sweet breakfast item it was wild.

They used to have 2 kinds; the ones in the case with the frosting that look like giant unicorn droppings and the "Irish" ones that were on a covered plate by the kitchen door that were less sweet, unfrosted, and came with raisins or blueberries. Too bad, I used to like them and buy a lot of other stuff while I was there.

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  1. Stopped in the morning of 12/31 and got a couple "Irish" ones. They were smaller than usual but delicious. It was my son's (11 yrs) first scone and I told him scones don't always taste this good.

    I'm not in the area very often, though. Glad I got a good batch!

    1. Haven't got them for a while. I do buy all of my produce there, and have always loved thier scones. Will have to try them next time I am there. Hope your experience was just an off day!

      1. I can't answer you directly but my dealings with the people in the bakery department have always been extremely positive; they really care about their products. I think if you commented about your uneven experiences they'd respond well. I happened to get a francese loaf once that was one giant air bubble when I cut into it (nothing to make a sandwich with, only crust) and when I mentioned it the next time (no receipt or anything) they made good instantly. Especially if you made it clear that you wanted the old good quality back rather than (necessarily) a refund, I'm pretty sure they'd be very responsive.

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          Have you ever tried their english muffins!

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            I love their engliswh muffins, but no one else in the family does, so I dont buy them very often.

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              The english muffins in the refrigerator case (not the other ones) are to die for!!! My favorite guilty pleasure weekend breakfast is the cheese ones, toasted, with melted Huntsman cheese. Mmmmm.

          2. no! I love the irish scones at wilsons! I can't comment on the execution lately as I usually dash into the bakery area for a baguette or two with eyes averted to the good stuff, lest I walk out with one of their eclaires.

            but I have to say, I may be enticed to try the other variety of scone they make. Anything that inspires a description like "giant unicorn droppings" has got to be...interesting at least =)

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              Completely agree with this marked decline in scone quality. My husband was lured by the new, larger size and bought 3 different varieties thinking more is better. They were all horrible, flavorless, almost chalky. I actually threw away remaining bits after the dismal first few bites. From now on we stick with the raspberry twists which are still incredible and get our scones from Verill farm which are outstanding and so reasonably priced.