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Jan 15, 2010 11:37 AM

Spring Meadow Inn ---Wall

Just saw that our favorite band The Edmond Brothers is playing there next
Friday. Has anyone been there receltly and if so how was the food???

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  1. Well let me answer my own question. If you are going for what the waitress told me they were known for (steaks) don't bother. My friend had to send it back twice. she ordered the sirloin and it was awful. Too thin and alot of fat and grizzle. Her husband on the other hand had the same and just ate it not liking it. Good thing is we had the steak taken off the bill. Dh and I ordered the cajun pasta and it was great. I had added shrimp and he chicken.
    So if you go, do not do steaks, just pasta dishes or bar food.