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Jan 15, 2010 11:06 AM

northern neck of virginia weekend

Any suggestions for restaurants from Gloucester to Reedville area
I have not seen any posts for this area on Chowhound

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  1. Two years ago, my wife and I took a drive up the northern neck for our anniversary. We ate at a nice restaurant in the heart of Kilmarnock. I don't remember the name of the restaurant, but we were surprised to find that there were several places to choose from while we were in town. It was like one of those small town / downtown districts. There is also Ingleside winery a little further up the northern neck. They have a nice courtyard for lunch, and we enjoy packing a picnic to eat there as we sip on one of their bottles of wine. You can find them online.

    1. Sandpiper in White Stone is very good seafood and steaks rest. Can be crowded on w/e's. White Sone Wine and Cheese can be hit or miss.

        1. Crazy Crab in Reedville, Good Eats in Kinsale, Rose's Crab House in Kilmarnock.

          My personal preference is buy fresh oysters, fish, &/or crab and prepare it myself.

          1. IMHO you are out of luck. Good Eats is fine but about 25 miles from Kilmarnock. Many of the places in Kilmarnock are open for one or two summer seasons then close up shop.
            Two of the people from the Sandpiper (always mediocre) opened up a sanwich shop in an old gas station and it was (is?) pretty good for lite fare. A big part of the problem is a real lack of reliable help. If you want to travel on down to Gloucester Point there is a pretty good place in one of the marinas - don.t remember the name but it's the only one I know of so if you ask around you'll probably find it. I now live in an area often referred to as a "third world dining scene" and it's great compared to the northern neck. I agree with buy your own and cook at home.