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Jan 15, 2010 10:18 AM

Tsk tsk for Shiro Pittsfield

Had dinner at Shiro on North St. last night. It's the second time I ate there; the first visit was for lunch. Have eaten in the GB restaurant a number of times and usually found it adequate to good.
Both visits to North St. brought the same server, a capable adult woman. Last night 4 of us met early for drinks, and 3 stayed for an early dinner. We were there primarily to get together, and the food was secondary. But we all had wine and a cooked meal. As to the meals--two different tempuras and a noodle dish. The tempura was light, crispy and without grease; my shrimp were fresh and perfectly cooked. The noodle dish was rather bland, tasting mostly just of soy sauce, and my companion justifyably complained that there were jvery few other ingredients, including the veggies.
Service to that point was, well, rather brisk. Soup or salad was immediatelt followed by our meals....but no compliants at that point.
For those of you who haven't been here, it's a smallish restaurant that has maximized its seating. We placed our dinner order a little after 6. At about 6:50 the server brought our bill. We were never asked if we wanted hot drinks or an after dinner drink. One friend asked a dessert question, but it was never brought up as an option to the rest of us.
About 5 minutes after putting down the bill the server picked it up. Apparently she had been lurking behind me watching us, something my companions were aware of but I missed. I smiled and said we hadn't even looked at the bill yet (not knowing she'd been wathcing) and she very seriously told us they had a reservation and needed the table.
Now I had been the first patron in; no one ever talked to me about where they would prefer we sat. We paid and left, all feeling like we'd been kicked out of the place. Had I seen a manager right there I would have said something. Both friends immediately decided they would NOT ever return.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I ate at the Shiro Sushi Lounge at North Street, Pittsfield and agree that the tables are very small and close together. The manager only seems to want people to come and go quickly and not create a good dining experience. When I complained about a cooked fish dish, which was greasy, overdone, and not what was described on the menu, the manager curtly refused to take it back. Additionally, the dish was overpriced for the Bershire market. With so many great restaurants, I too will not be back.

      Shiro Restaurant
      105 Stockbridge Rd, Great Barrington, MA 01230

      1. I just ate a quick lunch here today and have to agree that the service was abrupt and cold. No offer of a "drink" while browsing menu. We opted for the 2 roll lunch special and the rolls were very small (6 small pieces). Ginger dressing was something out of a bottle and not fresh (wayyyy too orange). But the rolls albeit small were tasty. It was a good option for us as we were in a time crunch. Also, found it a bit dirty (windows and ledges were stained).....a good quick option if you are craving, but by no means anything great.

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          Well, though I'm glad to know it wasn't just us, it's too bad that a newer restaurant on North St. is such a failure. Will await some reviews of the new place opening across the street, and have some hopes for the Marketplace that should open (soon?) in the Beacon building.
          Does anyone know about the new place, with a french name (perhaps) across from Dotties?

        2. I've been there twice for lunch - both times I actually thought the sushi (rolls and pieces) were pretty fresh and tasty and at least among the best I've had in the berkshires. I guess the service was kind of abrupt by but I have to be back at work at 1pm sharp so for me at lunch that was a plus. Would hope for different service at dinner though and I haven't tried anything off the menu other than sushi.

          Overall I thought it was better than GB location. Also on the plus side had a rather pleasant experience with the new BBQ place in downtown Pfield, would like to try it a couple more times though to be sure.

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            Oh good, I was hoping someone would try MadJack's and give their opinion here.
            Good pulled pork? Any smoked brisket? Great or just ok sides?

            One a totally different (but still Berkshire) vein, we tried Perigee in Lee again tonight. (Route 102 where Sweet Basil Grill was).
            They have changed their chef and the food was really really good!

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              Could you tell me more about the BBQ place...Mad Jacks's? Where is it? I heard of a new spot on Fenn st; is that the same? Thanks in advance,

              1. re: mjoyous

                Hi mj! I was just looking at the menu on line. They've got a good website:


                Reminds me of a great take-out BBQ place we used to go to in Savannah. But is it a great take-out place? Has anybody tried it a couple of times? And if so, what are the standouts? My husband lives in hope!

                1. re: BerkshireTsarina

                  Thanks for the link. Looks good. Have one friend who tried it; said it was good but not enough sauce, but he's never lived in BBQ land (like Savannah, or Dallas!) Will post after I try, with hopes others will do the same. Am now going to compose a post on an AWFUL lunch @ Monte Alban.

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                    Just tried Perigee tonight and also had a favorable response. The entrees were well-prepared with accompanying plain salad. The white clam chowder was good. Service was pleasant and the owner took the time to introduce herself.