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Jan 15, 2010 08:51 AM

Normandy Region, July

I am looking to travel to the Normandy region (possibly Bayeux) in late July. Does anyone have a good handle on the restaraunt available? I am looking to do a self-cater gite and do my own cooking, but just in case, I was looking for other options.

Any and all suggestions for the area would be welcome, from the food to places to stay.

Thank you in advance!

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  1. We stayed in Bayeux last September, and enjoyed dinners at Le Pommier, very close to the cathedral, and Le Bistrot de Paris, about 5 blocks away and a bit out of tourist central. By the time we booked, the Churchill, a recommended place to stay, was full. In Rouen we enjoyed a great lunch at La Toque d'Or on the Place de Vieux Marche. We had seafood at each place, and can recommend the seafood in Normandy generally for quality and freshness based on unplanned lunches and the odd snack of oysters. We also stayed in Rennes, just over the border, and again enjoyed local seafood and the duck parmentier at Leon le Cochon. I am not a big fan of cidre or calvados, but others can guide you I'm sure.

    1. In Bayeux last October we had lunch at La Rapière. It was very good except for a couple of overcooked pieces of broccoli, which is certainly not unforgivable, especially at such a modest price. Service was most cordial and there were several locals enjoying themselves as well, adding to the charm. In general I thought Bayeux was a very nice town. There's a quaint patisserie/tearoom on your left on the rue St-Martin if you're walking away from the river.

      Several years ago I had a superb dinner at the restaurant Gill in Rouen--have never been back to Rouen since then, unfortunately.