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Jan 15, 2010 08:46 AM

UK Michelin Stars 2010

For those who haven't already seen them, the UK Michelin Stars were announced today. Here's the full list:

And the Bib Gourmand list ('good food at moderate prices'


In a nutshell: Gordon Ramsay at Claridges loses 1 star. Vineyard at Stockcross and The Capital both lose 2.

Alain Ducasse rises to 3 stars. The Ledbury to 2.

18 new stars including Galvin at Windows, 21212, Apsleys, Harwood Arms, Texture and the Bingham.

There are now 140 stars in the UK - the highest number since the guide was first published 36 years ago.

Any thoughts? Anyone missing - Launceston Place, L'Anima?

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  1. Interesting that most of the demotions were for closures or chef changes rather than loss of quality. Nice to see some reward for places like the Harwood, and with the Ledbury being confirmed as a 2 star then Brett Graham must be very happy - an elevation for both his restaurants.

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    1. I think Corrigans will split the jury: lots of media attention as Richard is a bit of a darling especially on TV, but our meal there was pretty average. Loved the room, loved the concept but thought what landed on the plate didn't meet the expectations and hype.

      I have never been to Launceston Place, but do read very mixed reviews, it sounds as though they have a problem with consistency, and Michelin with its multiple inspections will root that out.

      Interesting comment from Michael Caines, he "lost" a star on taking over Bath Priory last year. I am surprised at that because my meal last summer was solid one star cooking and I thought he was doing better than Horridge. But I can't agree with his idea that if Tokyo has 12 three stars London needs more, my experience of contrasting the two is that London sits about right, but the press overestimates the UK's food renaissance: I have had some shocking meals at some UK starred places.

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        I'm with you on Corrigan, lovely place, good solid food, had a great time - but starred? Not convinced.

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      1. Must say I'm pretty suprised to see the Harwood Arms in there. Pleasantly surprised though. Been there twice and the food has been excellent both times. There's also a sense that the staff are really enthusiastic about the food (maybe a bit too enthusiastic for some).

        That said, the service was quite poor the last time I was there. Party of 10 for my birthday and we only got through two courses in three hours. Complained and only got an offer of free dessert on our next visit.

        Also slightly surprised about Richard Corrigan. Not been to his new Mayfair place but at my last visit to Lindsay House the whole thing was pretty much faultless and it was probably the best restaurant experience I've had in London.

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          Interesting point on the service at The Harwood. We also had a party of ten; when we arrived they had misplaced the booking, but they found space in a full restaurant (Brett was there for lunch and gave up his table). They then put together a tasting menu for us which was better than the one we discussed when making the booking. We thought service was superb, we got there at 12:30 and left at about 4:30 and only had three courses......although we did have one or two bottles of wine and a few scotch eggs to warm up..!

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            i feel very sorry for a lot of 1 and 2 star restaurants this year... don't get me wrong, i'm a ducasse fan, the louis xv in mc is a remarkable experience, but as someone else pointed out, it's chalk and cheese to the dorchester, which is lacklustre at best. i went to the dc when it opened and then again recently. both experiences were similar and for the life or me i can not see why michelin has given it 3 stars. it doesn't even have a cheese board for gods sake!

      2. Finally, well-deserved & overdue recognition for Alain Ducasse - when I first tried it in Dec 2008, I wrote about how much better it was compared to 2-Michelin-starred SF restaurants like Chez Panisse, Michael Mina and Masa:

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          klyeoh, i'm not quite sure 'finally recognition' is accurate for ducasse london. it landed on 2 stars in year 1 and then went straight to 3 in year 2, which in michelin terms is a stratospheric rise. as above, compare that to marcus wareing's slow climb; tom aikens still only having a star 6 or so years in, or - moving out of london - places like wishart or sat bains remaining pegged on a similar level and it all seems highly suspect, unjust and incredibly bias.

          1. re: marcus james

            Interesting comments from the man himself in Catersearch - he states the UK has far too few stars

            Easily said when you get three so quickly. Is it a PR strategy to diffuse criticism of his rapid ascendancy i.e. Michelin are right about my place, it is the others that are all underrated....?

            1. re: marcus james

              Not sure about biasness/etc, I'm just saying that Ducasse did seem deserving of 3-stars from my couple of times there.
              I'd been to 30 or more 3-Michelin star restaurants in the past 2 decades, and Ducasse London did indeed measure up to many of them.

          2. Bearing in mind how London-centric this board is, I'll restrict comments to saying how delighted I am to see fellow Cestrian, Shay Cooper, get his first star at the Bingham.

            I "chanced" across the place in May 2008 on one of my infrequent trips down south, through a heavily discounted offer through TopTable. This was when they were trying to get punters through the doors to establish the place. Great meal and it's good to see him gain such quick recognition.

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              I remember you mentioning this meal, John. I guess we should have tried the Bingham before the star came along, but maybe we'll get there soon... it's such a short drive for us.

            2. Is there a corresponding BIb Gourmand list for London?

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