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Jan 15, 2010 08:45 AM

Dallas - cheap dinner downtown

A friend wants to meet up and she just moved downtown. I told her I would drive down, but I really have no clue what is down there anymore. Looking for something cheap and decent.

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    1. re: luniz

      good call. Samar runs about $30 per person (for food). If that's too high, then you could also go to Angry Dog for a burger, or Twisted Root, or Cowboy Chow (all in Deep Ellum - I'm not sure if that classifies as 'downtown').

      1. re: gavlist

        OK, I lied. I've been to Samar a couple of times and even did NYE there.

        Deep Ellum is close. I don't love Twisted Root and I didn't realize Cowboy Chow is open for dinner.

        She just moved down the street from the Adolphus and keeps asking me for suggestions, but I know nothing.

    2. I don't know downtown, but if you go to yelp and pull up say.... Adolphus. Look under the map inset and you'll see "browse nearby". Select restaurants and a multi-screen list will appear. Yeah, you (or she) will have to trudge through the listings to see if anything appeals to you, but it's a start.

      1. "Cheap" and "downtown" are pretty elastic terms. For burgers/bar food I'd say Lee Harvey's, Twisted Root, and Adair's. RJ's, in the West End, has pretty good Mexican. I haven't been to Daddy Jacks in Deep Ellum for quite a while, but last time I went it was decent. Monica's is still around, which says she's doing something right. I've heard good things about Off the Bone BBQ. If you consider uptown part of downtown, there's good pizza at Grimaldi's or Campagnia; if not, you're stuck with Campisi's.

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        1. re: Dallas Alice

          We ended up doing Cowboy Chow. Hmmm, not impressive. Very disorganized and the food was not great. I will probably not go back.

          1. re: simply_victoria

            Agreed. Went to the Roanoke location a few months ago with the same resulting impression.

            Ditto to Twisted Root. Ordered a med-rare buffalo burger at Deep Ellum loc - it arrived well. Ordered med-rare cow burger at Roanoke loc - it arrived still moo-ing.