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Jan 15, 2010 08:39 AM

International Pizza Chain Piola coming to Triangle

It appears that Piola, an international pizza chain, is set to open two stores in the Triangle. One is in Raleigh's North Hills and the other is in an unknown (at least to this poster) location in Chapel Hill. While Chapel Hill surely isn't lacking in the pizza department, if this pizza quality is far above different than those already here, it could be a plus. Search the web and lend your thoughts.

Note I've only been to Brixx (not a fan) and Franklin St. (they are alright) as far as Chapel Hill pizza is concerned. I know people have stated that Italian Pizzeria 3 and Peppers are favorites. I know besides those mentioned there is Sal's, Carmine's, Pizza Villa in Univ. Mall and probably some others I've overlooked.

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  1. It looks like it will be going into East 54, the new development on NC 54 near Meadowmont (which is where Brixx is). That's some expensive real estate there - if they charge accordingly it better be some awfully good pizza ... (and in other news, Saffron Indian Restaurant will be opening a second location there).

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      Holy moly, is Chapel Hill large enought o support 4 Indian restaurants? I guess we'll see. That said, I love Saffron so I'm happy.

      Alfredo's Pizza Villa has long been my favorite pizza joint because I like thin crust pizza. However, I noticed the last year or so they have not been up to their usual standards, probably because Alfredo was never there-- at least when I went. I recntly found out what may have been causing this, Alfredo is opening a second location in Durham, in the Hope Valle Commons shopping center on NC 54. I told Alfredo many years ago he needed to open a location in Durham. Randy, who used to work for Alfredo ran with that idea and opened several Randy's Pizza's in Durham. Looks like Alfredo finally listened. Now he needs to get the pizza back at University Mall back to original standards.

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        Kindly send some of your excess Indian places to Raleigh.

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          I'll take another Indian place. Mint is good. I don't know about the place next door to it but people I think seem to like it. Tandoor well.. It stinks for lunch since they don't refill (at least not when I've been) as often. I'll gladly take a Saffron in Chapel Hill. Parking and traffic there are going to get nuts between the shopping center, the two restaurants across the street, Meadowmont.. yeesh. Can't imagine trying to leave that area during a game. I've never tried Alfredo's though it may be due to the fact that it is in a mall (I know it's sort of a stereotype thing). But I've not really tried many of the local pizzerias.

      2. I feel honored. We're in some very expensive company, apparently. Manhattan, Naples, FL, etc. I didn't know we were all so well-off here.

        Looking at their menu, it's a little hard to tell just how their prices are. Does a pizza serve one person or more? If they only serve one person I know I'm going to have a problem paying $13 or more dollars per person for pizza. And no, I'm not expecting Domino's or Papa John's pricing, either. Their entrees are in the $17- $19 range and desserts are about $7 each. They're choosing very pricey real estate in both Raleigh and CH so that will be reflected in the numbers, too. They seem to be after the price insensitive consumer.

        For myself, I know if I'm looking to spend that much money on dinner it won't be pizza that I'm craving.

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            Thanks for the link B'foodie.

            While I like Cinelli's Grandma's Pizza, I hope this new place in North Hills runs them out. The NH Cinellis is a great way to ruin a brand. Lousy service, uncomfortable seating, noisy atmosphere. The one in Cary is much better.

            Bring on Piola! The picture looked tasty - right now!

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              Thanks for posting this. I think if I'd been the author of that review I would have asked for my pizza to be taken back to the oven and fired a bit longer - soggy pizza is sad and gross. :(

              1. re: romansperson

                I agree I don't like Amanti's or most of the other chain pizza save Dominoes. I sorta like Randy's but even their pizza as big as their slices are is still a lot of grease and not so much char on the crust. I always see top burgers.. maybe someone should do top slice of pizza. These foods (Q, burger, pizza, hotdogs) are subjective and limited to whats been experienced and hasn't.