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Jan 15, 2010 07:57 AM

Need restaurant recommendations for very large (90+guests) baby shower in the Baltimore/DC area

I tried searching this topic and came up with only a few posts, most outdated. We are looking to have the shower at a restaurant preferably in a private banquet room. Renting out the entire restaurant is not a financial option, so hopefully there are restaurants large enough out there to accommodate 90+ guests in a separate room. So far we have researched CoCo Sala, Maggianos, Jaleo, and Mrs. K's Tollhouse. The mom to be is very laid back and fun, so any suggestions for non-formal restaurants would be appreciated (i.e. not the Ritz-Carlton).

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  1. 90+ people in the case of CoCo Sala and at least Jaleo downtown would, I think, require the whole restaurant.
    Maggiano's and Buca are huge and might not force you to rent out the whole place.
    That's a lot of people, though, so I can't think of a place that can serve that many without at least a good chuck of the restaurant rented out...

    Tabbard Inn has private rooms that might be a good fit.

    1. Go to Open Table (DC) and look for the link for "private parties/banquets." Each restaurant includes very specific information such as how many guests can be accommodated for a stand-up event, how many guests can be accommodated for a seated event. Hopefully, one of the approximately 45 possibilities will work for you.

      1. You might want to check out Olive Grove in Linthicum. They can fit quite a few people and is definitely laid-back.

        Here's the link to their banquet page -


        1. clydes the lodge at tower oaks in rockville would be perfect