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Jan 15, 2010 07:49 AM

vegetarian and seafood in Vienna (and Budapest)?

My wife and I will be in Vienna for just under 2 weeks in March (including a 2 day jaunt to Budapest) and were wondering if anyone had any killer suggestions for pescatarians. I was in Vienna as a child but haven't been there since. I realize that the cuisine of the region is heavy on meats that we don't eat but I know that there's also a long (if maybe not as varied) history of fish dishes. Any suggestions?

Another thing we're interested in, coming from Maryland, is what immigrant communities have strong food cultures that might be different from the communities that we have access to here. I don't know if there are any small pockets of African or Asian restaurants that are cooking up amazing food. We'll be there long enough that we'll have a chance to sample a variety of foods, from cheap to slightly fancy.

Finally, we'll have a kitchen in Vienna and we love to cook, so we'll be getting local ingredients at the Naschmarkt and elsewhere. and trying out recipes ourselves. Any suggestions on awesome local produce shopping?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. For local products try the different farmers' markets such as on
    _Freyung 1010 Wien (march 5th and 6th, 19th and 20th and from 26th on til end of march)
    _Naschmarkt every friday from 8-17:00 and saturday von 8-14:30
    _Karmelitermarkt 1020 Wien, every Friday and Saturday from 8-13:00
    _Servitenmarkt 1080 Wien every Saturday from 8-13:00
    _Lerchenfeldermarkt fridays from 8-17:30
    you'll find local fish, bread, vegetables, cheeses from western austria and switzerland,...

    for eating fish and vegetarian i'd reccomend:
    _Nautilus on Naschmarkt Stand 673
    _Umar on Naschmarkt Stand 76-79 (they also have a shop next to the restaurant
    _Ando Fisch on Yppenmarkt Stand 40 1160 Wien
    _Wrenkh Bauernmarkt 10 1010 Wien
    _Aurelius mediterranean food Marc-Aurel-Straße 8 1010 Wien

    For ethnic food you could try these places:
    _Keke's: creolic, african food 1060 Wien, Amerlingstraße 15
    _der wiener deewan: pakistani food, pay as you wish, 1090 Wien, Liechtensteinstraße 10
    _madiani: georgian food, 1020 Wien, Karmelitermarkt 21-24
    located on one of viennas food markets, the starters are delish
    _le cedre: lebanese food close to prater, viennas tivoli, 1020 Wien, Ausstellungsstraße 51
    _neni: oriental food located at naschmarkt, 1060 wien, Stand 510 ( after
    schleifmühlgaße on the right side, when coming from the city)
    _petit maroc: maroccan food, couscous and tagine, 1070 Wien, Neubaugasse 84
    _Schesch Besch: iscraelic and azerbaijani food, 1010 Wien Schwarzenbergstraße. 4

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      Sorry for not responding to this yet. Thanks so much for all that information. I will have to take some time to go through it!

    2. The trip is rapidly approaching and I thought I'd bump this and see if anyone has any other suggestions. Shermy's reply is amazing and we'll probably be visiting everything on there, but perhaps someone else has a personal favorite? Thanks!

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        For eating fish there are additional places, mostly run by Croatians, who serve wonderful authentic Mediterrean fish:

        Konoba Pescaria:





        and these are just a few...

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          Awesome! Thanks for the great recs! Just three days away from this long-anticipated trip and (assuming the BA strike doesn't somehow screw it all up for us... we even rescheduled our return to fall 1 day outside the strike period... extra day!) I'll come back and post our experiences. If anyone has any last minute recs please post 'em!