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Jan 15, 2010 07:47 AM

ALTA is booked up tonight, need another restaurant idea to take my bf out to dinner tonight.. HELP!

I was kinda in the mood for tapas tonight but ALTA is booked out, does anyone have any other suggestions for other restaurants like this?

I live in Murry Hill so would prefer to keep the restaurant below 40th, don't mind the LES or W Village though....



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    1. pipa is a good option but might be hard to get into. good place to walk in put name down and have drink at bar. a cute small wine bar is ten belles. gottino might be a good option as well. don't know the menu but hear it is great.

      1. I'd add Bar Veloce to the list. They've got a location on 2nd Ave. in the East Village. In the Flatiron district Boqueria would work nicely as well.

        1. Txikito on 9th Ave between 24th & 25th.

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            I second Txikito, although it can be hard to get a table if you got at peak times, since the place is not very large.

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              They have a bar, though, and if you want, you can also choose to sit and dine there, too.

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                They are also punishingly expensive, an order of magnitude pricier than the other other places being suggested. (Bar Veloce, Il Posto Accanto, etc.)

            2. re: edwardspk

              Thanks for the restaurant idea, had an AMAZING meal at Txikito on Fri night!!!

            3. Il Posto Accanto on E. 2nd St. Italian wine and small plates. Nice atmosphere.

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                    I think we've confused the OP enough.