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Jan 15, 2010 07:30 AM

ISO Indian Restaurant like Saravanaas, but on EV's Curry Row (6th St)

I think I know what the answer will be ("just go to Curry Hill and eat at Saravanaas"), but I'm lazy and 6th St is a lot closer to my house. Most of my meals on 6th have been disappointing and I'm guessing its because I am more of a fan of South Indian vs North (I fully admit to knowing nothing about Indian food). I have enjoyed Brick Lane, but all the other little ones east of there kinda blur together in my mind as one big meh. Is there anything on 6th that approaches Saravanaas? Doesn't have to be vegetarian.

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  1. not like saravanaas, but clearly closer to southern indian is sigiri around the corner on 1st ave. Sri Lankan food

    1. Your meals on 6th st have been disappointing because the restaurants on 6th st tend to make disappointing food. Our standby in that area for bargain-basement indian is Royal India / Royal Bangladesh, though we usually spend a few more dollars and go to Banjara, which I believe has only gotten better in recent years.