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Jan 15, 2010 07:18 AM

What kind of wait can I expect at Prime Meats?

Am I crazy for thinking about trying to go for a Friday dinner, either around 8-ish or around 9-ish? Or are waits manageable?

And, is there generally room at the bar to have a drink while waiting, or is the space cramped and crazy?

Thanks a lot for any insights.

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  1. Expect a significant (90 min or more) wait on a Friday at 8 / 9-ish and there is little room at the bar. That said, if you can make the time work it is a great steak and fine meal...

    You can also plan ahead by popping-in early and giving them your name (and number) and heading across the street for a drink.

    1. have they opened the big dining room yet?

      1. Can I hijack this post and wonder about wait times at Prime Meats on a MONDAY night around 7:30-8 pm? (next monday 1/25 to be exact). Would like to take my dad and mom, who like nice restaurants, for his birthday, but admittedly we won't want to wait very long. thanks in advance.

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          To follow up on my experience - we got there about 7:15 and were seated more or less immediately. Not sure if you'd have the same experience on a Monday.

          As for food and drink, we had a great meal. Excellent cocktails (the Applejack Sazerac and the Good Word, both expertly made), steak tartare, green salad with bacon dressing, the strip steak, and the choucroute garni. No complaints at all, one of the better meals we've had in a while.

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            Just got back from a Tuesday night meal there. Walked in at 8:10 PM and got a table in the (quieter) back in ~13 minutes.

            Food was excellent.

            Service was excellent. And the server was kind enough to remove a side-dish from the bill. (She brought the wrong variation on the dish after understandably mishearing us. We didn't realize it wasn't what we thought we ordered until the end of the meal when she asked why we barely touched it.)

            Reasonably priced too -- $66 (before tip) for a very large steak frites, 2 side dishes, 2 salads and 1 small drink. We left quite full and even brought home half the steak.

            Best of all, the back room -- even when full -- is quiet enough that you can actually hear your dining companion. What a treat! (God, I sound old and curmudgeonly. I'm only 39 -- imagine what I'll be like at 59.)