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Jan 15, 2010 07:18 AM

Nashville Pizza lovers

Does Porta Via change the pizza landscape? I say no. The crust is so so and the sauce is so wet the crust is soggy by the second slice. What say you?

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  1. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet. I’ve heard great review and a few mixed reviews.

    It is a Neapolitan style pizza…the crust is expected to be thin. Maybe you went on an off night?

    I’m still a big of fan of Sal’s and Angelo’s Picnic Pizza, for the traditional New York style pizza. Pizza Perfect is always a great choice.

    1. Haven't tried yet... what is your favorite? We've been here two years and are still feeling pizza deprived.

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        While most of the pizza places here are mediocre, there are a few that I've found to be good. Manny's (downtown in The Arcade) and Caesar's (Lion's Head Village on White Bridge Road) are my favorites. Pizza Perfect on 21st Ave in Hillsboro Village is not bad either.

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          PizzaReal in East Nashville has first-rate NY-style pizza. I'm not fond of Pizza Perfect, but it's almost the only place that will sell by the slice. Of course, they reheat the slice under an infrared thing, not by putting it back in the oven.

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              Is that the same as Joey's in Spring Hill?

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                same family...there is one in the arcade downtown, one in maryland farms area, and one in spring hill...all the same great pizza! (one downtown is run by Manny -- House of Pizza is name)

        2. Even though the two guys who started it are apparently not around so much any more, I still visit Pizza Perfect whenever I'm in Nashville (at least once a year) and have yet to see any reason why their name is not...Perfect. (That's the one on 21st, of course.) I have yet to encounter a better crust; I did an ad for them once with a drawing of a leftover crust rim, and the headline was: DESSERT. That was my honest opinion, and it still is. Right now I'm sitting here in Pasadena, CA, wishing I could run over to the Village and get my Pizza Perfect fix...

          1. Not very many comments on my original post. Are people not eating at Porta Via?

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              Went there last night, place was packed! They say there is pretty much a wait everynight starting on Wednesday...we thought it was great, love brick oven pizza so I am partial to that style. We had the lobster ravlioli and that was delicious too...a few hiccups with the order but all in all a great experience. Be warned, we ordered a drink while we were waiting and shame on me for not checking the wine list first, I figured a glass of pinot grigio would be reasonably, what???