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Jan 15, 2010 07:16 AM

Ajanta dinner 1/8/10

Went to Ajanta last Friday and had a wonderful meal:

TANDOORI SCALLOPS: Excellent. We always order this now.

TANDOORI CHICKEN CHAAT: They introduced this sometime last year. It reminds me of an Indian take on Thai Laab salad. Excellent. We always order this now.

For main courses we ordered two of the “new this month” dishes



These curries were extremely different and I was glad we ordered both. Both were excellent and I would order both again. The chicken dish in particular was a real standout.

Ajanta Restaurant
1888 Solano Ave, Berkeley, CA 94707

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  1. We had dinner there somewhat recently after a long absence. The place has been transformed - much more attractive than I remember. U can still have a conversation without yelling and the food was still excellent. Prices are very reasonable. Glad to see that they are still doing well. ( the restaurant was full )