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Jan 15, 2010 06:52 AM

moving wine

I am moving from Flagstaff, AZ to Spokane, WA. I have a wine collection of about 200-bottles many of which I consider ageworthy. Our movers have offered to transport the wine in the cab of the truck. There is a possibility that the truck may be stationary with our stuff for 1 to 2 days in potentially subfreezing temps. My concern is the wine being exposed to excessive cold temps. I know heat can damage wine but what about cold? Any suggestions?

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  1. Yes. The good news is that it has to get to about 26 degrees before wine will start freezing because of the alcohol. The bad news is that the yo yo effect of heating and cooling wine can damage it.
    Also, if you ship in styrofoam containers there's some short term insulation there, but not enough to protect it for a couple of days in subfreezing temperatures.
    What route are they taking? I'm guessing it will be up to Salt Lake City and I-15 north.
    18 cases is probably too for most passenger vehicles. I would pack it myself seperately in a van.

    1. I moved 90 cases +/- from CO to AZ a decade ago. We contracted with a wine shipper, and then with a storage facility in Mesa, AZ, as we had to build our cellar. Worked fine. There are companies that do nothing but move wine.

      Still, the styro-shipper route is usually a good one too. I found that my Landcuriser can hold 19 styro-shipper cases, so long as I drop my wife off at a meeting in SF and she flies back to PHX.

      Good luck,