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Jan 15, 2010 06:07 AM

Actually good burger at Cambridge Brewing Co last night

I've long berated the food at CBC, which is a shame because I really like a lot of their beers, especially the more unusual seasonals. Besides, I like to support my local brewer. Well, last night I was very happy to change my position, at least slightly. In a moment of desperation, I popped in for a burger and a beer and found their basic burger to be totally respectable, actually pretty damn good.

Ordered medium rare, it was actually leaking rosy juices onto the bun when it arrived -- a promising sign. The burger had a nice crusty sear on it too. The only obvious misstep was the cheddar slice that was just warm, not fully melted.

Biting in, I released a pretty serious torrent of juices and found the interior cooked perfectly to temperature. The meat was fairly rich and flavorful, though certainly not transcendently beefy. The beer-glazed onions were a nice, rich touch and the mild cheddar warmed enough to cohere pretty well. I'd love the pack to be a little looser, but it was pretty good.

The bun was an untoasted, pale and doughy faux-artisanal affair. While I prefer a super-simple potato roll or seeded burger roll, the CBC roll was unoffensive. It is certainly preferable to a lot of more distracting options (too-tough ciabatta, too-sweet brioche, etc), and at least not cold or stale. I'm looking at you, Christopher's.

In all, a totally respectable burger with a nice pickle and decent greens (my choice) on the side. And I had two terrific beers alongside it, so who can really complain? Not sure if CBC's kitchen is improving, if I hit them on a good night, or if I've just judged the burger too harshly in the past. But I will be back.

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  1. For what it is I have always found their food to be good to excellent.

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    1. re: StriperGuy

      I have always had a decent meal when I stuck to the burger, chicken sandwich, or an app. But whenever I have tried something a little more adventurous and pricier, its mostly been a disaster - even after the new chef.

    2. I avoided their food for years, as when I would eat there 7-10 years ago I always loathed it. Ended up eating there a few months ago (had one of their burgers) and quite liked it. Wasn't the best in the world, but was good enough. Add in that the beers were much better than what I was having way back when, and it's back on the 'i'd go there' list.

      1. I just wish they'd bring back the Formaggio Kitchen cheese-plate-paired-with-beers I so adored. Sigh. Still, really enjoy this place, and the food is what I'd classify as quite "good."

        1. Followup question for the great Kendall Craft Beer & Burger Debate: Who's had the burger at Lord Hobo? How is it? Any descriptive details? (Besides overpriced?)

          1. I think their turkey burger is really good too. Spicy.

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            1. re: MrsCheese

              Second the turkey burger. I've always thought their food was pretty good, as far as pub food goes.