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Jan 15, 2010 05:13 AM

Eleven Madison Park - Tasting menu questions


When you order from the tasting menus at EMP does the price include service ?

They offer a 3 course Prix Fix, Gourmand and a Taste of Winter - how would you recent diners rate these ?

The Gourmand with wine pairings might be a little out of my price range, I'm interested in any must have / stand out dishes and your thoughts about which way I should go with this.

This would be a first time at this level of dining so I want to do it right.


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  1. It does not include beverages or tax or tip.

    1. I was going to ask the same question (about which tasting to do).

      Also, is it worth it to do the wine pairings? I do love wine, but wine pairings on large tasting menus are generally a bit much for me -- more than three glasses and I'm too tanked to enjoy my meal. I end up giving every other glass to my BF, who doesn't mind, but it seems like a waste. Are their parings too mind blowing to miss, or should we just choose a nice bottle?

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        I know all too well about the "evils" of wine pairings, GF and I have exceptionally high tolerences and have no problems with 5-6 courses paired but beyond that it can get dicey especially if the restaurant is "nice" to you. What we have started to do is go with whatever combo works, i.e. bottles, 1/2 bottles, glasses, rather an all out pairng. We have explained our plans to various Sommeliers in the past at many restaurants in NYC and asked if they could recommend bottle(s) that will cover the meal with the caveat of indivdual glasses for specific courses i fneed be. Every time we've done this it's worked out very nicely. The wine service at EMP is exceptional and they've never had a problem with this request.

        So, IMO, Gourmond, my plan, Winter tasting, your call. Prix Fixe, pair.

      2. I had the Taste of Winter very recently. While your experience may be different, my dinner included two courses not on the menu. However, if the experience of my fellow diners is true for every night, the Gourmand includes tableside preparation by Chef Humm.

        As far as wine, I had two glasses - a crisp, dry white to start (went well with the amuse and the early courses) and a red for the veal cheeks. This was fine for me. (I dined there solo.)

        Hope this helps.

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          If I pay extra will Chef Humm do a little song and dance number at my table too? :-)

          FWIW I agree about wine pairings - I don't like to do it. It's too much wine, it's too rushed. And at a place like EMP it's unnecessary for just the reasons Spiritchaser mentions.