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Jan 15, 2010 04:33 AM

Dog friendly in the DC area...

So here is a question I haven't seen before. Anyone know where hungry chowhounds may bring their 4 legged friends? Being that it is winter, answers might be more limited due to the lack of proper patios but it isn't completely a a dead deal now. Dogs (well behaved) are welcomed at Barrel Oak Winery, and while it isn't a food destination (snacks only really) the wine and company is decent.

Question is where else? Everything I have found talks about how fairfax corner and reston town center are dog friendly, but really they just put some bowls of water out in the warm months and the dogs have to stay outside. More like dog tolerant and not friendly, though some of the restaurants with patios let you have the dog with you (for the most part).

Are there any crazy good restaurants who's owner has over appreciation for the pooch and lets them dine in?

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  1. No, it violates the health code for restaurants.
    When it's warm, we've taken our dog with out and sat outside at Rosemary's Thyme and Lauriol Plaza...but that's it.

    Places that are somewhat doable with food are Books a Million (there's a cafe), Pitango gelato on P St and Mr Yogato on 17thth St. We don't take our dog to Pitango, but you can...and we take our dog to Yogato regularly. She goes crazy for it.

    1. I don't know of any restaurants in DC that allows dogs in its establishment. But for restaurant patios that are dog friendly, I know that Vinoteca is a good option and Larry's (across the street from Lauriol) allows dogs on their patio and you can order food from Malay Straits.

      1. I have seen people eating with their dogs in Old Town Alexandria. I can't remember exactly which restaurants but every time I am over there, I see many dogs around. Maybe you can check their visitors or chamber of commerce site.

        1. I think Hotel Monaco in VA is pet friendly so you may be able to take a pet into their restaurant.

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            Most of downtown Frederick and Fells Point in Baltimore is pet-friendly. I have a friend in Fells Point with an ancient cat that likes to lay on the bars at several places. If he has too much beer, the bartender calls her and she comes and gathers him up. His favorite seems to be The Horse You Rode In On, but she occasionally gets the call from the Cat's Eye, John Steven's and a few others.

          2. The outdoor patio areas of the restaurants in Shirlington (Arlington) are totally welcoming for owners and their dogs. On a busy evening, you may need the fingers on both hands to count the dogs at a single restaurant. Now, multiply that by the many restaurants along the retail strip. You'd need to call to see when patio service begins at these restaurants since the welcome doesn't extend to letting dogs inside.

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              You are not going to find a place that lets you bring a medium or large dog inside a restaurant. I have seen restaurants "pretend" not to see a small dog in a purse and such....but I do second Old Town Alexandria as being extremely dog friendly! Most outdoor patios really welcome dogs of all sizes. And people don't freak out when they see a dog coming down the street. I understand not being a dog person, but some people FREAK out and turn angry when they see a dog! Old Town residents are great!

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                a small dog in a purse is an oxymoron :)