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Jan 15, 2010 04:00 AM

Where to buy in Durham/Chapel Hill/Raleigh?

Does anyone know where to find bulk Ikura (salmon roe) (frozen OK) in Durham (preferably), or any other place in the Triangle? Whole Foods sells tiny jars, but I have been able to order it by the pound there previously. Last time I asked, they couldn't get it.

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  1. Hmmm I've never looked but if it usually goes by the Asian sounding name of Ikura you could try Grand Asia Market in Cary.

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    1. re: burgeoningfoodie

      I've checked Grand Asia before, but will check again! Somewhere that supplies fish for sushi would most likely have it. I just haven't figured out where that is yet.

      1. re: BullCityChow

        Have you bothered asking places like Kurama and Sushi Love where that might be? I wonder if the project going on via Duke (they have people bring in fish shipments.. sorta like CSA but for Fish) would be able to help you.

        1. re: burgeoningfoodie

          I've tried asking - no luck at getting them to share their sources. I'll follow up again with Walking Fish (the fish CSA), but they weren't taking new customers last I asked. They do have a cool program, though.

    2. Tom Robinson in Carrboro has various roes, you might call and see if he has any salmon roe. 919.942.1221.

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      1. re: kizil

        When is his place open and how does it all work? Say if I wanted tuna steaks as oppose to a fillet I'd have to chop up myself or am I really making things harder than needs be by asking this question?

        1. re: burgeoningfoodie

          I'm working from memory here (on the road in SF, eating like a fiend) but I'm pretty sure it is Thurs-Sunday and I'm 90% sure it is cash only.

          In my experience, the staff will dress/cut your purchase however you want.

          1. re: brokegradstudent

            No. It's Thurs-Sat. Closed on Sunday. The best they have is what Tom brings in on Thursday each week from the coast. Call on Thursday to get your specific questions asked. They do take checks though, with good IDs.

      2. You might also try Toyo Shokuhin, a Japenese store in Cary. They have small packs usually but they might be able to order for you. For my money, I would simply order from Catalina Offshore Products.

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        1. re: erovinmO

          Thanks! Will check the place in Cary. Whole Foods is checking again for me too - apparently it depends on who you ask. Catalina Offshore Products looks like a good option for future reference, though. Have you ever ordered from them?

          1. re: BullCityChow

            Yes, I am ordering from them. Very good quality - certainly beats any local store. Always delivered next day as promised.

        2. I would try Kirby at Earthfare in Raleigh, off 540. We travel long way to get our fish from him including wonderful tuna for sashimi. I've never seen salmon eggs there, but he may be able to order them for you. It's worth a call to ask. He's a great source, I think.

          You also might want to try Mariakis on 15/501, Chapel Hill. It's mostly Greek and European. He used to carry the large jars of fresh salmon eggs but I haven't looked lately.

          1.'s what we were able to find out:
            Tokyo Shokuhin - They do have small quanities, but were generally quite unhelpful. Not somewhere I'll likely return.
            Mariakis on 15/501 - we called, and they said they didn't have anything.
            Whole Foods Durham - Said they could order it (contrary to what they told me when I first posted). However, they never called me back with a price.
            Whole Foods Cary - We didn't inquire about Ikura there, but they do have sashimi grade tuna and salmon in case anyone is looking.

            So...I ordered from Catalina Offshore Products. I can't say enough good things about them. Very easy ordering - and the package arrived exactly when they said it would. If you're on their email list, they send you specials. We'll probably order fish from them in the future too. Thanks for the recommendation.

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            1. re: BullCityChow

              hey bullcity! i'm still curious about this thread :) any other places in the RDU area that sell sashimi grade fish? i've been here for 1.5 years, and looking for a place has been a favorite "pastime" of mine. i've never been a fan of whole foods "sushi grade fish." it's kept with all the non-sashimi fish and always looks like you should sear it instead of risk it. on my visit to tom robinson's i found that it was not as clean as i would have hoped.

              i still have day dreams of this small japanese grocery in dallas that kept a fridge full of sashimi from japan. they have a blog and would post their weekly stock so customers could follow along. i'm beginning to think there is no hope for us! catalina seems promising but it's hard to accept defeat, ya know?

              1. re: BullCityChow

                It's "Mariakakis" not "Mariakis" just in case anyone is searching for it.

                I've been underwhelmed by the Japanese grocery store in Cary.

                In the past, many of the items in their store have been past their sell by date and some of the dates were artfully concealed by price stickers.