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Jan 15, 2010 03:38 AM

Looking for Reliable, Inexpensive Eats in Northeast Philadelphia

After weekly childcare for our grandkids in Rhawnhurt, we are starving; can['t make it home to eat. Forays into nearby places: Jacks, Tiffany have been disappointing in different ways. Can't expect gourmet when trying to hold down the tab, but we surely could do better, preferably Rhawnhurst, Bustleton or heading toward Adams Ave perhaps on our way home.

any suggestions? Even good reliable Chinese would be appreciated, or good deli. But, 'not a chain', locally owned and run is what we would value.

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  1. How about Cottman Avenue? Zaccone's is a good small italian family byo.. probably priced around olive garden prices but much much better (i use the comparison to get my friends to join me there).

    On Rhawn and the Boulevard there's an Italian place called Tuscany that I've heard rave reviews about.

    In terms of thai, I hear that White Elephant in Huntington Valley is good as well as Kao Tip.

    For pizza around Adams Ave, Charlie's is pretty delicious in my book...

    I could keep going if you want..

    1. I worked at Fox Chase Cancer Center for years, and I would always work a trip to the Austrian Village. That's one of two places I miss since moving on (the other is Nick's Roast Beef on Cottman) The place is amazingly authentic, I always wonder how they do it. It might be a little on the edge of the North East, but certainly easier than driving downtown.

      1. On Adams near the Boulevard there are a bunch of places--Pho 75 for delicious pho, Cafe Saigon for simple Vietnamese dishes, Taste of Portugal for good, tasty Portugese fare.

        There's a decent sushi place--Makiman Sushi--on Oxford at Cottman. They have better than average sushi and other cooked Japanese and Korean dishes.

        Not too far down on Castor, there's Picanha Grill, a Brazilian rodizio place. If you don't want to stuff yourself, you can also get the meat and salad bar by the pound. Also over there is another Portugese place, Cafe Tio Pepe.