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Jan 15, 2010 01:27 AM

Where do the vegetarians eat in Las Vegas?

Hi Vegas 'hounds - question from the east coast. I've been sifting through posts and reviews of restaurants, and I'm stuck on this question. I'm heading to Vegas for a girls' weekend. We're all self-proclaimed foodies, but about two thirds of us limit the amount of meat in our diet. No strict vegetarians, but we do limit the amount of meat in our diet (personally I try to keep my average below 3 oz per day). We'll be in town for three nights, and one of the girls has already requested Fleur de Lys. What other suggestions do you have to keep our veggie quotient high?

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  1. If you don't mind going off the strip, Lotus of Siam is a wonderful Thai restaurant with many veggie options.

    1. While I am a great lover of all things meaty and cannot speak from personal experience, Charlie Trotter is known for doing an exceptional job with vegetarian dishes (well, he's known for a LOT of things, but doing right by vegetarians is definitely one of the big ones). You might want to give Restaurant Charlie a call and see if they do a vegetarian tasting similar to the Chicago mothership.

      And FWIW, pass on Fleur de Lys. Nothing wrong with the place. But you can do better for the money.

      1. In case it's useful for others, I wanted to report back on the success we had eating vegetarian. We stuck with Fleur de Lys, which we enjoyed. We had the four course Elegance menu. Between the four of us at dinner, we tried every option on each course. Standouts were the truffled onion soup, the filet, and the chocolate souffle. The wine pairings were especially well done. In retrospect, I wish I had ordered the vegetarian tasting menu since it was an option and the Elegance Menu was so meat heavy (I strongly considered it, but I was concerned about having a different number of courses than the rest of my table).

        Sunday morning I had a vegetable quiche at Payard (with an amazing crust). For dinner we went to Sage by Shawn McClain. I tried three of the four vegetarian courses: Hawaiian Hearts of Palm Salad, Suchoke and Salisfy Tortellini, and Bellwether Farm Fresh Sheep's Milk Ricotta Gnocchi. All were very good, but the tortellini stood out. The sweet sauce was cut by grapefruit segments and balanced the dish perfectly. For dessert we shared the beignets and the canelles de bordeaux, both were very good though I was partial to the canelles. Also a quick shout out to the sommelier and bartender: both fabulous. We had some very good and unique pre-dinner cocktails: desert shrub (a prosecco drink with tequila) and a tea rose (tea infused vodka with lemon, rose water, and pine nuts). The sommelier helped us choose a bottle of Spanish wine that we enjoyed very much, but I unfortunately didn't write down the name.

        Monday we were a little sluggish from staying out late two nights in a row, so our first meal was an Indian food buffet near the Tix 4 Tonight booth. We ate so much that we barely forced ourselves to eat dinner at the All American Bar & Grill in Rio just before seeing the Penn & Teller show. Tuesday morning we enjoyed a pre-flight breakfast at Bouchon, where I had a delicious, though VERY rich quiche lorraine (and a pretty tasty, and very sticky, pecan sticky bun).