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Jan 15, 2010 01:07 AM

Anybody remember Blimpies in downtown San Jose?

Sandwich shop next to McDonald's, not related to the chain, out of business for years. They had this killer hard crust sourdough bread I absolutely adored. Does anybody out there know what baker they got that from, and whether they're still in business?

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  1. Yes my mother used to take me there in the 70's when she went to S.J. State. Very good sandwiches and good memories. Years later, I lived downtown i would freguent this place quite often. The Blimpies chain had a problem with the name and they had to change the name to Rorshachs. I'm not sure why they closed, but it was a sad day for a lot of patrons. I still wonder what happened because they leveled the place and it's just an empty lot to this day. I'm sorry I can't help you with your bread question, but they did have great sandwiches.

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      I thought it odd the Blimpie's chain was hassling them when it had no units in San Jose. it's probable that a lot of customers thought Rorshach's was a different business from Blimpie's and stayed away. I loved their Italian subs, the best I've ever had. If only I could buy that bread. The little building it was in was pretty nice too, very cool on a hot summer day.