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Jan 14, 2010 11:05 PM

Looking for the best cheesecake EVER

Hi all,

My wife and I are in Manhattan for 6 days in Feb and I love cheesecake. New York cheesecake is meant to be the best. I want to taste the best!

Where have Chow users found the best cheesecake in the city? (we will be visiting Brooklyn too)

Many thanks
Russ Collinson

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    1. my vote will always be juniors. reminds me of my grandmothers. cherries, pineapples, etc.

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      1. D'aiuto Baby Watson is terrific.

        1. I'm not a fan of Junior's.

          My vote is always S&S (from the Bronx but also usually available at Zabar's).

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          1. re: LNG212

            Junior's is not good. It's mass produced overly sweet crap. Mind you it tastes good, but it's basically cheesecake fast food.

            1. re: LNG212

              juniors living on a 40 year old reputation cake is like lead, S&S is ok, but not as good as the winner

            2. eileen's (17 clevend place) should definitely be included as a contender

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              1. re: El Tigre

                i guess i like 40 year old, mass produced, overly sweet, crap, reputation cake.

                1. re: smokeandapancake

                  You'll notice I said it tastes good. But then again so does a Big Mac.

                  1. re: smokeandapancake

                    Me too!!! Junior's...MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!! I like the strawberry cheese pie.

                    Personally I dislike when someone asks for the "BEST!" Is there really ever a best? So many different types and varieties of food and restaurant experiences.
                    For example: Katz's is a unique NYC experience that you won't find elsewhere and they serve great pastrami sammiches. Is the sammich the best? IMHO it's up there in the top 10.