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Jan 14, 2010 09:09 PM

Ever wished you lived closer to the Chow?

Totally minor gripe, especially in light of the economy & recent world events. But often times I do wish I lived closer to the Chow... Our home in San Jose is an easy 15 minute commute to my job, and 20 minutes away from my parents & other family in Santa Clara. However I've been venturing out of my home Chow zone and wish I lived a little further north. This is along the lines of "How far would you drive for good Chow?" and I was delighted to read other posts that assured me that I am not the only one to do this. Thanks to the valuable advice on CH, we are usually well rewarded for our drive. Anyone else wish they lived closer to the Chow? A girl can dream...

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  1. Your lucky, California is the horn of plenty. 2/3 of the year I live in Montana, although a nice place, it's a culinary disaster area. 1/3 of the year I live in So. Arizona and have to haul most of my food north. Beleive me, your lucky on the food end.

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      Curious - where at in MT? I grew up in MT and live in AZ. There are some very good restaurants in MT. SO spends summers up there, camping out on the Western fringe. I remember flying in and having the MOST amazing steak dinner in the small town of Libby of all places. Really, really good.

      I'm in Central Phx and SO is about 3 miles west of here. I know I can get him to go to restaurants on the "West" side easier than the "East" side. Ha!

      Grocery shopping is much easier here than in MT however, I think the fresh produce (corn and potatoes and cherries come to mind) are indeed much fresher up there, when they're in season. . . .Very, very brief season but better, none the less.

    2. Heck yes!!! I'm 2 hours north of Denver. It's not a bad drive for the occasional weekend, but when I have a craving that can only be satisfied in Denver, it sucks to be so far away.
      As for grocery stores,we have Albertsons, Safeway & Walmart. We're pretty limited in what's available, (it seems like what they keep in stock is dwindling & it's it like pulling teeth to get a special order) Cheyenne, WY is 40 min away & Ft. Collins, CO is a little over an hour. What I would give for a Whole Foods or Sprouts Farmers Market & different ethnic stores.

      1. Whadduyahnutsosunpthin? I live in Cali, Colombia; lived in Los Banos, Philippines before that and Bolivia before that! No WF, not even a Safeway or a TJ's, and no starred restaurants for the last 35 years or so!

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        1. re: Sam Fujisaka

          Oh, sheesh, you kinda put a damper on my whining but I'll do it anyway :) We live four hours NE of SF and, although it's one of the most beautiful spots on earth, I miss the depth and breadth of the city. I've been trying to find chicken feets, necks and back and also pork sking for a couple of weeks now. Even in Reno, which is an hour away, in the only Asian market, no luck. All our meat in the grocery stores comes pre-cut and pre-package. What the hell do that make out of all those leftover parts? No, don't tell me. Plus that's another thread. We were in Sonoma and SF for two weeks at year end and it was so nice to get unusual ingredients in food we ate out. We visit NYC a couple of times a year usually and absolutely wallow in the bounty :) So, to OP, a resounding YES! And to Sam, just think what a better cook you are because you've had to be.

        2. Yes. Unfortunately, I don't always have the time to go on trips for chow, which would take hours upon hours. *sigh*