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Jan 14, 2010 07:58 PM

Lobster in Fall River?

My mom wants to take me to a restaurant in Fall River that she remembers had the best lobster ever. The only problem is she can't remember the name of the restaurant. She said it was out of this world. So I'm hoping someone here can recommend their favorite places to eat great lobster in Fall River if it's even available this time of year. Thanks in advance for your help! I'm hungry!

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  1. my only guess would be Lepages,on rt 6?

    1. Thinking maybe the Venus De Milo restaurant in Swansea.....last time it was lousy though!!

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        i bet your right about the venus,its fall rivers pride and joy,the 3lb stuffed lobster is famous.its also completely gross,everything that this place serves up is terrible,worse then really bad hospital food,avoid at all costs.