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Jan 14, 2010 05:27 PM

Good restaurants near Strathmore Hall, Rockville, MD

Can anyone suggest a good restaurant near Strathmore Hall? I'm looking for something quiet for a Friday night prior to a concert. I know Addie's is close by, so that's an option, but I'd like a few more choices.


Cocinero Cubano

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  1. Addie's is easily the closest and best nice restaurant to Strathmore.

    You can drive 10 minutes north on 355 to get to the rest of Rockville, or 10 minutes south to Bethesda, but on a Friday night, there will be a lot of traffic.

    What are you in the mood for?

    1. Black Market Bistro is another option, although I've heard it gets crowded on Strathmore nights (I've only ever had brunch there, but that is quite good).

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        Same owners as Addie's, more casual, and I would not call it "quiet".

        1. re: DanielK

          I think Addie's & Black Market are it for nicer, non-chain type of restaurants right by Strathmore Hall. And, both are very good!

          As DanielK said --- north into Rockville, there are more choices to be had. And, in Bethesda, you have your pick of smaller, quiet places.

          I don't even think there is anything further over towards Kensington to try. I might be wrong there though and am hoping someone will chime in on this -- especially a spot near Kensington's antiques area on Howard Avenue.

          1. re: gelato98

            On Antique Row there, Cafe 1894. Haven't had dinner, but lunch there was fine. It's been a bit but it's a cute space ... the former Cafe Monet, which was intimated by the new Safeway and flew away to ??Rockville??.


      2. make a reservation at passage to indian in Bethesda - it's great.

        1. The best restaurant before Strathmore is Jean Michel in Wildwood Center on Old Gtown Rd at Democracy. It is a lovely french restaurant with excellent food and service. When you leave, take Grovesnor Lane east to and across Rt 355 where it becomes Tuckerman and takes you RIGHT INTO the Strathmore parking lot.

          In that same center, but not as good., is Oakmont? Wine Bar/Bistro. Owned by same people as Geppetto's.

          I have lived a stone's throw from Addie's for 12 years, and have eaten there a dozen times. I personally can't get my hands around the place. It's as kitchy as my grandmother's house, yet the prices are on par with K Street. Not to mention it's beer and wine only. And I swear, every dish has fruit in it in some form or another. Not for me.

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            1. re: Pappy

              I definitely second the idea of Jean Michel. " Lovely" is the exact description. It's much cozier in ambiance than Addies, which is nice on a cold night!

              1. re: Pappy

                Good call, Pappy. Jean Michel is a treat. I hadn't been thinking map-wise in that direction, but it's just a couple of miles on Grosvenor, and just 2 lights.