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Jan 14, 2010 05:26 PM

Anyone been to MrGreenjeans latelly

I recommended Mr Greenjeans .. Any one have any comments please !!!!!!1

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  1. Can you point to your older thread
    what did you would be great if you could recommend at least one vegetarian entree

    1. I went with a friend in mid December after some usual Christmas shopping. I was a bit hesitant, as I had head that the quality was not as good as before.

      I ordered the steak frites, and a chocolate milkshake. The chocolate milkshake was awesome. Creamy, freshly made from quality ingredients, and included a good amount of whipped cream on top. The steak was average, a little dry, and somewhat lacking in flavour. It was edible, but nothing to write home about. I would give the whole experience a 3.0 out of 5

      1. Please share why you're recommending it, as my last meal there was unbelievably bad. I wouldn't eat there again.

        I miss the Mr. Greenjeans of the 80s-- the food was decent (for a teenager), the place was hopping, and there was a little tacked-on shop full of stickers and other cheap fancies.

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        1. re: Full tummy

          I second your opinion, my second (and last) trip there was a few years ago and it was so shockingly bad I thought maybe I was on some hidden camera show.

          1. re: Boodah

            What a weird thread. Why would you just say you recommend Mr. Greenjeans without briefly explaining why? I haven't been to this restaurant for about ten years but it was bad enough for me not to return. The service was poor and the food was subpar. I used to frequent this place in the eighties as well and have fond memories of my experiences then, I especially liked the buffalo chips. Too bad the place went downhill. I am curious to know if anyone has had a positive experience recently and explain why it was good.

            1. re: callitasicit

              I haven't been since 2004 and it was horrendous. Slow, bland, expensive. Basically the epitome of failure in every department. I used to walk through the mall on my way home and pity the people in a line down the stairs.

          2. re: Full tummy

            Mr Greenjeans was a great place back in the '70s when they were located across the street from the Old Firehall (and Second City) on Lombard and were a little restaurant that grew up inside what had previously been mainly a plant store. I loved their Mushroom-Cheddar Chowder and their Buffalo Chips in the huge baskets. My last visit was at least 10 years ago and I was so disappointed with the food that I've never returned.

            1. re: CeeQueue

              Yes! I remember it in the plant store and those buffalo chips. We were there frequently, there didn't seem to be anything like it at the time. I still have a painting I bought in the plant store (which also had some home decor stuff). The current Greenjeans seems merely a trap for unsuspecting tourists, suburban types and haggard shoppers.

              1. re: CeeQueue

                Yes! again. It was a totally awesome place when I was a teenager. My affection for mush soup came from MGJ. It wasn't the same once it moved from there.

              2. re: Full tummy

                I guess our tastebuds as teens just hadn't kicked in. There are lots of meals that I remember as a teen but Greenjeans never cut it, not even those chips that came with the meal. I do, however, remember a crepe place in the Eaton Centre. Just can't think of the name. Magic Pan or something like that?

                Bueller, Bueller?

                1. re: Zengarden

                  ha! Magic Pan -- that was our other favourite place -- loved their pea soup -- St Germaine? -- and we felt so sophisticated when the waiter would offer a little thingie of sherry to pour into the soup. When I tried this at home, my mother was finally convinced I was an alcoholic.

                  1. re: JamieK

                    Three cheers for Mr. Greenjeans as an 8-year-old scarfing down buffalo chips and burgers!!!!!

                    Now?? Buh.

                  2. re: Zengarden

                    Thanks for the memories!!! I was trying to remember the name of that place just a few days ago. I remember a fancy pre-semi-formal dinner there almost 30 years ago now.

                    1. re: Full tummy

                      I went for a drink with a friend a week or two ago — we were meeting her brother at the Eaton's Centre. Ordered the buffalo chips, and not only did the server forget to place the order, but they were oily, bland and gross! Her Bloody Mary had all kind of lovely things on it though, like pepperoni, etc. It was fine I guess. I'd go there again but only out of that kind of necessity.

                      This is a bizarre thread!!

                2. What do you recommend it for, the Worst of Toronto list? (that is a separate thread)

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                  1. re: foodyDudey

                    Methinks itzi's tongue must be firmly implanted in cheek. I can't believe this restaurant (and I use the term loosely here) is still mentioned -- in ANY context. Why not talk about the Lobster Trap while we're at it?