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Jan 14, 2010 05:06 PM

Sunday Brunch in the Theatre District or Thereabouts

There are five of us looking to celebrate a friend's special birthday on a Sunday in late February. We are catching a 2:00 pm show at The Princess of Wales and would like to go for a really nice brunch around 11:30. We have one vegetarian diner who will eat non-shellfish items (ie smoked salmon).

I called Mildred's Temple Kitchen which is not a far drive away. I love the atmosphere there, but they don't take reservations and I have only been there for dinner. Is it worth waiting for? I don't think a buffet style place is great (therefore the King Eddie is out).

Your suggestions will be most appreciated.

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  1. Niagara Street Cafe does Sunday brunch but you'll have to call to see if they take reservations. Nice atmosphere, good food. I haven't had the Mildred's Temple brunch so can't say if it's worth waiting for.

    1. Frank? I've posted else where about it, but here's the blog post:
      Updated with tasting notes on dishes I hadn't tried the first time around.

      FRANK @ The Art Gallery of Ontario
      317 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON M5T I4G, CA