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Jan 14, 2010 04:03 PM

Bagels and Coffee near Lincoln Center

My wife and I are going to Turandot at the Met on Saturday night and staying at the Empire Hotel nearby. Anyplace within walking distance we can get good bagels and coffee for breakfast the next morning (not Starbucks). Last time we were in town we stayed on East Side and ate at Essa Bagel ansd liked it. Anyplace similar?

(BTW-dinner Saturday evening at Picholine.)


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  1. Not sure how good the bagels are, but the coffee's decent - EuroPan just up the street on Broadway, you could also wander down to the Time Warner Building and go to Bouloud (sp) bakery. If you don't want to go to far, Bread Soul, across the street on B'day is good and a new Witchcraft opened in the Atrium, right next door to the Empire.

    Love Picholine, enjoy your dinner there!

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      Do you mean Bouchon Bakery (in the Time Warner Ctr)?

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        Yes, sorry. I'm not great with names.

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      1. The original comment has been removed