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Jan 14, 2010 03:52 PM

Wedding Reception/Restaurant in Pasadena for $30-$45/pp

My fiance and I are planning a very small, very intimate wedding - 30 people max and we are looking for a restaurant that will have a private room/space for us. The wedding will be in a church in Pasadena, near Old Town, so we would like to have the reception in Pasadena as well. The wedding will be on March 31, a Wednesday, at lunch. (We are planning a bigger wedding ceremony/reception for 2012 and March 31 falls on a Saturday then.) I've looked into The Raymond - I really like their space and the price but I've gotten mixed reviews on the food. I have never been so I can't tell how the food is. Since we only have 2 months to prepare and are planning a big wedding later on anyway, we would like to keep a tight budget at only $30 - $45 per person. Any other suggestions? We are picturing a very simple event with just family and really close friends, nothing fancy... I want the place to look classic and upscale, without so much the upscale price. Not too modern/hip. More cozy and traditional. A place that photographs well and has a garden is a plus, but not a deal breaker.

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  1. Wow, you've got 30 friends who can get off work on a Wednesday?

    Parkway Grill starts at $42 for lunch functions so might end up on the very high end of your budget. How about La Grande Orange Cafe? Do they have a patio?

    Actually, if you got a good price from the Raymond, I'm sure they'd do something that you'd enjoy food-wise.

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      The Raymond sounds perfect for you. Go by this weekend and eat! I've been pleased every time I've been.

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        Most of the 30 people are family, so taking off work wasn't a big issue. :) Thanks for all your suggestions, I will look into them and report back .

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          Le Grande Orange Cafe has a patio and their food is incredible.
          You should check them out!

          1. re: truetraveler

            Yes, but there is no comparison between the hustle bustle of Le Grande Orange and The Raymond. If you like the Raymond, (and I like both), the ambiance is quite nice.

        2. Check with Cafe Santorini and see what they can do for you.

          Cafe Santorini
          70 W Union St, Pasadena, CA 91103

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            thanks... I am very impressed with Cafe Santorini... will definitely contact them.

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              I second Cafe Santorini. I held an office holiday party there a few years ago, and they were very accommodating and the food was great.

          2. madeleine's on green street, just east of lake...haven't been in a while, but might be worth checking out.


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              It could definitely accommodate your group and it is pretty but the food is not impressive. I was there for lunch before Christmas last year while a party was going on. The waitstaff couldn't handle it. I was disappointed in the food as well. I'm sorry for not being more specific as it was over a year ago but I would be hard pressed to try it again. I also have friends who just went and also were not impressed with the food.

            2. Are you impressed by the price they quote you for a wedding reception, or just their regular price? There is usually a difference, sometimes a big difference.

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                I was initially impressed with just the regular menu... but I have received quotes from The Raymond and Cafe Santorini and both are well within our budget. We have scheduled appointments to see the space and meet with their event managers. Hopefully, we'll make a decision this weekend.

                1. re: dangcey24

                  going to chime in here but i did this several years ago (for my rehearsal dinner) and just want to make sure you're having a meal at both santorni and the raymond before making your pick. in fact, have several meals if time allows. If i recall santorini had really mediocre food. a bed of wilted mixed greens with grilled salmon kebobs that tasted like cardboard. they had a tasty med plate but most of the food there was pretty mediocre. the raymond had much better food if i recall.