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Jan 14, 2010 03:50 PM

Good source for medjool dates? (Pasadena area)

I'm looking to buy some dates - I know Costco sells them, but I'm not a member. I've seen them at Trader Joe's, but found them to be pretty dry. Does anyone have any idea of who would have them around Pasadena this time of year (looking for good quality ones).


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  1. Excellent fresh dates for sale Hollywood Farmer's Market Sunday mornings . . . you might try one of the Pasadena Farmer's Markets, but I can't really say . . .

    1. You can get much better dates at the local farmers markets, since virtually all dates in the US are grown in the Palm Springs/Indio area. I would recommend Bautista, which comes to Hollywood and Santa Monica or Flying Disc which I believe is only at the Wednesday Santa Monica market.

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      1. re: houndofmusic

        Bautista's medjools are absolutely the best.
        They are also at the Saturday FM on Pico in SM, and Sunday FM in Hollywood.

        1. re: RicRios

          Ahhh, YES!
          Thanks, houndofmusic and RicRios, for this info. (I could not remember "Bautista" in my previous post below.)
          Their Medjools were syrupy...better than any candy I know! You will pay for their quality, but I think it is worth both the chase and the price.

          To The Oracle, OP: you might wish to call them and ask your questions about availability and farmers' markets locations.

          Bautista Family Organic Dates
          #760.396-2337 (M-F from 9:00am to 2:00pm)

          Their farm is located in Mecca, CA, near the Salton Sea in Palm Desert.

      2. The Golden Farms Market at 6501 San Fernando Road in Glendale carries Medjool dates in bulk; sometimes they are really good and sometimes they are not. Be aware, however, that I have seen customers freely sampling from these bins. Also, it might be getting a little late for "the best" Medjools of the season.

        The most delicious dates I have EVER enjoyed I found at the Pico Santa Monica Farmers' Market this past November. I don't remember the vendor, but dates were the only item they offered. They had all different types and they all looked good; their Medjool were extraordinary. Perhaps someone will know their name so that you can call them ahead to see if they still sell the Medjools. In November I called them and they will answer your questions with great appreciation for you as a customer.

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        1. re: liu

          Yes in deed! Also check Costco and Jons Markets.

        2. I just bought some delicious medjool dates at the Montrose farmer's market (not far from Pasadena) last Sunday. In the past I've gotten them at the Pasadena farmer's market also - though the vendor at Montrose is different than the man selling them in Pas. I should think you can get them either place this weekend.

          1. A few of the vendors at the Pasadena farmers' market (Saturday) sell dates. I know I've seen the word medjool. If they are in season now, they'll be available.