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Jan 14, 2010 03:50 PM

boston to burlington with two toddlers - midmorning stop?

My former travel and dining buddy and I, now both moms of toddlers, will be driving from Boston to Burlington, VT for a long weekend of snowy fun (and, we hope, massages and saunas while the kids nap!). Any suggestions for places to keep in mind if we need to take a break en route? The kids are reasonably tolerant of weird foods and settings, but could also just eat the snacks we're packing.

And while we're at it, any suggestions for Burlington dining with toddlers? We're staying at the Essex, where there is a culinary school, and may avail ourselves of the interesting in-room menu, but I know there are lots of options in town..

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Rein's Deli in Vernon, Ct. is easy on/off I 84, about 15 minutes outside of Hartford. Extensive menu, with lots of kid friendly options for breakfast/lunch.

    1. Assume your route is Rt 93 north to Rt 89 to Burlington VT?
      There is nice little Korean restaurant Yama on 96 Main St in West Lebanon NH. It would be a short drive off Rt 89.

      1. I'm not sure how Rein's fits into that travel picture but it is a great place anyway.

        I had a pretty good lunch at the Canoe Club in Hanover, NH right on Main St. That isn't too far off the highway(89).
        Simon Pearce in Queechee is pretty close too, not sure how the Farmer's Diner is nowadays.
        If you are staying at the Essex you should check out The Belted Cow about 1.5 miles from the Essex at Five Corners.

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          Sorry, my route often includes a stop in Hartford area to pick up a relative. I've forgotten the much more direct route.

        2. Thanks!
          And thanks, jenni49, for the Rein's suggestion. I know and love Rein's Deli for my frequent drives down to NY/NJ and back. My daughter loves the Lady Liberty statue, and I love the corned beef! But this upcoming trip is northbound, so I think the Korean place is a good stop to keep in mind.

          1. If you go early enough, meaning 5:30 or earlier, American Flatbread/American Hearth on St. Paul St. in Burlington is very little-kid friendly and the food (just flatbreads and GREAT salads with local blue cheese, plus lots of in-house brewed beers) is excellent and affordable.

            And again, if you go early enough, Three Tomatoes can be a good place to go with little kids too. That's on Church Street.

            There's a good new Vietnamese restaurant on College Street below St. Paul, around the corner from Flatbread, called Saigon Bistro. They're kid friendly and the food is very good.

            Closer to the Inn at Essex, you can go to Joyce's Noodle House, which is practically in walking distance although you'd have to drive. Don't miss the buffet brunch at the Inn at Essex on Sunday morning.