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Jan 14, 2010 03:40 PM

New Orlando 'hound destinations: The British Shoppe and International Market & Deli!

I had hours to kill before work today, so I was driving to Ba Le on Mills for a delicious banh mi (Vietnamese sub) for dinner tonight. Turning onto Mills from Colonial, I remembered The British Shoppe on Mills, which I keep meaning to check out. I stopped in there and met Barbara, who was extremely friendly and helpful. I picked up three unfamiliar flavors of Walker's crisps and a can of haggis, which I've always meant to try but never had a chance to. I was pleased to see they had a whole freezer case of things like pasties, black and white puddings, bangers, scotch eggs, Irish bacon, and more. I would definitely recommend The British Shoppe to anyone who wants some treats from "across the pond." This is their website:

Okay, next stop: banh mi! Except it wasn't. Directly next door to The British Shoppe on Mills was a new sign I had never seen before: International Market & Deli. The windows were completely covered with mural-like artwork depicting Russia, Poland, Ukraine, and other Eastern European countries. Could it be... a new Eastern European grocery store in one of Orlando's most exciting and multicultural neighborhoods? YES!

The place was huge, clean, and full of exotic delicacies from around Europe: lots of jarred and canned pickled vegetables, fresh baked goods, candy and sweets, a vast selection of beer and wine, a deli case full of meats, cheeses, and prepared foods, and wide varieties of fish and dairy products as well. The proprietor, Sofie (or Sophie?) answered a lot of my questions and let me sample a slice of a smoky Polish salami from the deli case. I ended up buying a hot Hungarian dry sausage, a vacuum-sealed assortment of smoked fish slices, and for a snack today, a savory meat-filled pastry that looked like a huge, flat empanada. It was tasty, but rather oily after microwaving it at work. It probably would have been much better fresh.

They even have Kinder Eggs, those great hollow Dutch chocolate eggs with surprisingly intricate build-it-yourself toys inside. They have a few tables for those who want to sit inside and eat, but I suspect most people will take their purchases to go. I was really impressed by the International Market & Deli, and for their massive selection of herring alone, I will definitely return. Any Orlando Chowhounds looking for European groceries and goodies, I suggest you check the place out!

Finally, I made to to Ba Le and got my sandwich, which was delicious as usual. This was the best "foodie" day I've had since my last trip to New York City!

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  1. Seriously, no interest?

    I was remiss in not including contact information. The British Shoppe is located at 809 N. Mills Avenue in Orlando, FL, and their phone numbers are 1-800-842-6674 or (407) 898-1634. I included their website link above, and they even do mail-order!

    The International Market & Deli does not yet have a website, but their address is 815 N. Mills Avenue in Orlando, FL -- DIRECTLY next door. Their phone number is 407-228-2821.

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    1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

      Thanks for the info Lou. Both of those shops sound very interesting. Hopefully I'll have time to check them out this weekend.

    2. Those are two great finds -- wow, Orlando continues to grow into a major metropolitan melting pot. I'm planning a trip to The British Shoppe and International Market very soon...thanks for letting us know, Lou!

      1. Going to check out International Market and Deli tonight. What types of prepared foods did you see?

        1. Just got back in town, and was VERY happy to see this post. I'll be checking out the Int'l Market this weekend for some herring and smoked fish. Now to just figure out where's the best place to get a bagel...

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          1. re: Corporate_40

            Most certainly Bagel King in Casselberry, on 436 and Howell Branch.

            1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

              BBVL - have to agree with you on all fronts! Bagel King is the best bagel in Orlando - I've even purchased them when my NY friends were in town and they were impressed. I also stopped in The International Market this past week and thought it was a great store! You are a rockin' hound!!

          2. i will stop by this week! i love smoked fish

            thanks big bad voodoo lou!!!!