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Jan 14, 2010 03:06 PM

The Tamale Lady

Anyone seen her lately??In The East Village???

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  1. I wish, it's been several months. Last time was on 11th and 2nd on a Saturday.

    1. Yeah, not in months, and it was a Saturday (3rd and C by Moonpie).

      1. I saw her at the Union Square green market on a Wednesday at 9am (I think it was 3 weeks ago). I went back the following week but she wasn't there. She didn't have a booth (she was standing along the main aisle just north of 16th St.) so maybe they asked her to leave.

        1. I saw her this past wednesday morning, the 27th, at union square. Are the tamales great? I was thinking of trying one the next time I saw her.

          1. Almost every Saturday morning around 9am there is a woman walking around selling tamales out of a cart at the Union Square Greenmarket. I have no idea if this is the person you are looking for, though. If I see her this weekend, I will let her know that people here are looking for her and ask if she follows some schedule.

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              i'm also curious if her tamales are good. i've seen her with a pushcart next to the breezy hill orchards stand on the northwest side of union square, most recently yesterday.

              1. re: jon

                ..and on SAturdays she can often be found near the goat cheese vendor--Patches of Star Dairy.

                1. re: jon

                  I think the tamales are good. I'm not that experienced with tamales but I really like the ones from the EV lady.

                  1. re: jon

                    They taste good to me but if you want to try for yourself they are $1. Try one of each and you're out $3.

                    1. re: jon

                      If she is the same woman who roams the east village with her little pushcart (and sometimes kids), they are pretty good. They are on the large side as far as tamales go, and she uses a LOT of masa (sometimes the fillings seem wimpy in comparison). But the flavor and texture of the masa, and the fillings, are good.

                      1. re: _emilie_

                        I love the tamales--3 kinds spicy chicken-chicken and cheese with peppers. $1.00 each--very reasonable and filling.