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Jan 14, 2010 01:57 PM

Best white tablecloth restaurant for two

Gary Danko is sold out ... next best? Is it Ritz Dining room?

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      1. In addition to the other great suggestions I would throw out



        second La Folie.
        (second as in also recommend not second to any other choices)

        Do research on all and pick on what best suits you can't go wrong with any one mentioned.

        1. Boulevard is also worth considering!

          1. I highly recommend the Ritz dining room! I loved Gary Danko and La Folie as well, but my meal at the Ritz was my best dining experience in the city.

            I just loved how you get 2 preparations for most of the items in the tasting menu, so you and your dining partner get different tastes. The atmosphere is great as well, it's much quieter with the tables being farther apart than in most restaurants.