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Jan 14, 2010 01:38 PM

Texas de Brazil...should we go??

Staying in Aventura for the month of January and friends have recommended we try this place as nothing like it in Toronto they say...
What's verdict of those who live here???

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  1. Hi Pearl,

    I don't live in Aventura, but we were just there over the winter holidays, are also from Toronto and have been to the new Texas De Brazil in Hallandale. We have also been to the one in Aruba, and last year hit the location in South Beach. There is nothing like it that I am aware of in Toronto.

    It is a great spot if you are a big meat eater. My husband and two university-aged sons really liked it. We had two vegetarians with us who really enjoyed the salad bar. It is a very loud, busy (almost frenetic) place and would suit a very hungry carnivore. It is not for fine, individulaized dining.

    There are many coupons to be had if you sign up for mailings on their website. When we went it was 50% off the regular dinner price (but they charged 18% SC on the gross amount which to me is very fair). The website is:

    Have a great vacation.

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      Thanks Sherry said the 'magic' word 'frenetic'.....for that reason alone we will not go to that restaurant...We're both past the point of 'loud and crazy' when eating out...We actually went to The Longhorn for 'beef'...I am an a 'beef' eater, not so much Steak but Standing Rib and I had amazing prime rib at Longhorn! Where else did you go while you were here? We leave here for our condo in Jamaica at the end of the month...don't eat beef at all while so much Chicken I feel like I can 'cluck' by the time we get back to Toronto...LOL!!!

      1. re: sherry f

        We recently went to the one in Hallandale and I did not find it "almost frenetic". We had a large table and were able to converse from one end to the other without raising our voices or annoying any other diners. The fact that they are constantly coming by with meat makes it seem very busy. I am looking forward to going to the one in Aruba (our original one) next month.

        1. re: Linda VH


          We were at Texas De Brazil on a very, very busy night (Christmas Eve) so I guess the volume and movement was to be expected, especially with all the tourists around as well as the locals out with their families. Incredibly, we were charged $20.00 pp (again 18% sc on the gross amount), so it was a real bargain. I am sure that is what contributed to the atmosphere. Although it is not my first choice, the "boys" in my family love it....

          Pearl, I responded to another post which has lots of detail about places in the area from and includes lots of information from other very knowledgeable local hounds.

          You also might want to go to Las Olas in Fort Lauderdale (if you haven't beenbefore, it is only about a 15-20 minute drive from Aventura. Take I-95 north to Broward Blvd. Go East and follow the signs). It is so pleasant to go there on a nice evening and walk around. I have been to YOLO (really nice atphosphere and nice, casual dinner) and my brother really liked BOVA- I haven't been yet. There is also an adorable and very yummy candy store on Las Olas on the north side -the name of which escapes me.

      2. Went to the one in Orlando a couple years back. Its a fun place to go to but you have to be a serious meat eater.

        For my dollar, I would head north a few more miles to Las Olas in downtown Ft. Lauderdale and go to Chima. I think the price was around $38/person last time we were there. Trendy and great brazilian drinks.

        1. We went when visiting Aventura last week, and it was fantastic--and great for vegetarians also, as the salad bar is EXCELLENT!!! Pretty place, great deal, and good food--service a little spotty but they are trying---also, very kid friendly. --and noise factor not a big deal on a weekday evening.