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Jan 14, 2010 01:38 PM

Penzeys: "We're cutting back on salt." [moved from Home Cooking]

I was a little surprised to see this in my newest Penzeys Spices catalog--a column explaining that Penzeys will
"no longer be selling the higher priced specialty salts. I [Bill @ Penzeys] feel things have gotten to a point where the specialty salts are glamorizing the use of salt and, with that, encouraging people to use more of it. I have also found that along with the marketing of specialty salt has come a great deal of misinformation, including claims that some salts don't affect your health like others do. This is just not true...salt is salt..."

I haven't tried too many salts, but thought some Chowhound readers here would be interested to see this.

They will continue to sell only "reasonably priced genereic salts of the sea and earth."

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  1. Interesting!

    Altho I order spices from Penzeys all the time, I've never gotten salt from them. I wonder if others, when they want a specialty salt, think of Penzeys.

    They'll never get me to reduce my salt. I was a kid who picked through the pretzels to get the salt that had fallen off and I've grown to be an adult who thinks salt turns on the flavor of everything else. Happily my blood pressure has never been a problem but if it were, I think I'd have to settle for the early grave. ...particularly now that there are so many interesting salts like smoked salts, Murray River salt, crispy Maldon flakes, fleur de sel, etc. to choose between and so many interesting foods to feature them on.

    1. Good for them! Not only for the long-term perspective, but to their resistance to the glamorization and faddish and fetishistic madness that comes upon single ingredients within the "foodie" sphere.

      1. My guess Bill Penzey is looking at the bottom line...Not anyone's health....If they were selling enough of it profitably.. he'd sell truck loads of the stuff! It's a business decision wrapped up in a "feel good" blanket.......

        1. ummm... ok....
          Aren't those specialty salts suposed to be healthier and contain more minerals anyway?

          I agree with the poster who noted that if things were profitable, they'd continue to sell them

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          1. re: Mellicita

            Naw, they'd just stop selling them *without* a long explanation in the catalog. Sounded heartfelt to me. It's not like salt would go bad or lose potency like ground spices, they wouldn't need a turnover of sales to turn a profit.
            A nice article about salt here

            1. re: blue room

              Dead inventory is Dead inventory....Space, lighting, heating and cooling cost money.
              A $1000 worth of Railroad spikes setting around cost money...You cannot have money tied up in slow moving/dead inventory....Better to have the money invested in something that will turn the money over...

          2. I absolutely applaud his not wanting to dilute his brand by selling snake oil.