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Jan 14, 2010 12:43 PM

Saturday LUNCH in Vegas - in the same vein as Raku

I'm going to be in Vegas for less than a day on Saturday, and would love to get some good where-the-locals-eat lunch suggestions. Or, where-chefs-go-to-eat-in-their-off-hours suggestions. I've searched the boards, and am dying to try out Raku...but unfortunately they're only open for dinner.

Most local, affordable places I've found are only open for dinner. Here's what I've come up with so far:

Raku (dinner only) 6pm to 3am – izakaya
Bar Charlie (okay - not affordable, but sounds delicious! dinner only) – Japanese tasting menu
Todd's Unique Cuisine (dinner only) – seafood, asian fusion
Firefly (dinner only) – tapas
Lotus of Siam (dinner only on sat) – thai
Swish Shabu Shabu – shabu shabu
Viva Mercados – mexican
Origin India – indian

Are there any other suggestions or must-try places that I've missed that are open for lunch on Saturdays? I love the idea of Raku - frequented by local chefs, great food, but affordable. Anything in that vein?

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  1. Have you considered Rosemary's?

    1. Went to Firefly last night. I so wanted to love it but nope.

      There's a smell as you walk in, an old, rotten, industrial restaurant smell. Unappetizing.

      The place is an attempt at swanky modern design but is noticeably on the cheap.

      The menu lists a variety of appealing selections, but the food doesn't live up to it.

      The service was nice but scattershot. We got most of our tapas before we got our pitcher of sangria.

      The sangria was good.

      1. Cafe Ba-Ba-Reba at at Fashion Show mall is very good. Totally open for lunch, and quite affordable.

        1. See posts on the lunch buffet at Namaste...its open weekend and certainly affordable.....