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Jan 14, 2010 12:27 PM

The Bistro at Infinity Hall

Has anyone been to the bistro at Infinity Hall in Norfolk,Ct.?
We're down in that area for the jumps next month and we thought about this place for dinner but we sure could use some opinions/advices from any of you who have eaten there.
Appreciative Catnip

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  1. happy new year catnip! i have been to IH for a music show, but we didnt eat there. the place is beautiful. are you going for a show too? it really is a very special building.

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    1. re: niccole

      I've been to IH for a couple of shows, although only one since the Bistro opened. The problem is that given the size of the facility and the configuration, if there is a well attended show, the Bistro is a veritable zoo! The menu seems very promising (and a positive review in the New York Times), but unless you can time your visit so you're not dealing with the crowds from the show, in my opinion, it would make the experience less than ideal.

      1. re: lsnhc

        Thanks Isnhc!
        Guess we're looking for some place a bit more mellow/ quiet.
        Thanks for your help!
        Appreciative Catnip

      2. re: niccole

        Going nearby.
        Sent you an email;let me know if you got it.