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Jan 14, 2010 11:32 AM

Goldberg's Bagels coming to Silver Spring?

I thought I saw a sign in the little strip mall on Georgia Avenue (by 16th Street) indicating a Goldberg's bagel shop would be coming soon.

Does anyone have any details?

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  1. Opening soon!

    Here's an article from Washington City Paper.

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    1. re: HMC

      Thank you!! Just what I wanted to know -- seems there is always some intrigue going on but I am happy to have the bagel shop open so near to me. And, decent bagels at that!

      1. re: gelato98

        The unrelated Baltimore one is very good. How is the other branch by this GA Ave guy in Rockville?

        1. re: chowsearch

          The Rockville place makes a good bagel! (I won't get into whether they are the best in the area but I like them.) Keep in mind the Rockville store is closed on Saturdays. I suspect the new location on Georgia Avenue will be too.

          1. re: gelato98

            Could you please tell me the location of the Rockville branch?

              1. re: Joe H

                Now if we could only find a local source for Bialys ....

                  1. re: startsev

                    Thanks, will try when the snow clears.

                  2. re: rcooperman

                    Bethesda bagel has decent bialys (although I think they are available on Saturdays only and usually sell out during the morning).

      2. When is soon? Here it is over a month since that opening soon was posted and they aren't opened yet?

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        1. re: NexLvlDad

          Just stopped by last night and still "opening soon."

        2. Goldberg's Bagels is now open in Silver Spring (in old Kirsten's place). Went there last Sunday. Pretty disorganized for the crowds-- no signs telling you that the first line was to place an order, and the second line was to pick up/pay. So that meant you had to talk to your fellow line-mates and actually have a conversation with strangers while waiting!

          Before I rate Goldberg's, let's get my curriculum vitae on the table: I was born and bred in Brooklyn and, of course, am Jewish. That said, the bialy I had at Goldberg's was the best ever. Mind you, it wasn't really like a NY bialy as it was hard on the outside (NY bialy’s are soft). But it was sublime -- crusty and brown giving way to an indefinable (that is subtle) sweetness, with a bit of that sweet onion mess in the middle. I filled up sufficiently on the bialys that I didn't try a bagel until later. I need to try a fresh one to give that an honest rating.

          Note this is an orthodox Jewish operation -- closes early on Friday (gee, I need to run out now and get some) and closed on Saturday.

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          1. re: Marissa

            The Baltimore location appears similarly disorganized but it all works out, usually. The bialy is great. But the owner is sad the Rockville/Silver Spring guy ripped off his name on a technicality.

            1. re: chowsearch

              There was a story, I think in the City Paper, a few weeks ago. They were partners, they split amicably, the Baltimore guy never registered the name, so the Rockville guy did.

              1. re: DanielK

                They were business associates, I think Baltimore guy as boss in his location, then the Rockville spinoff buying from the same dough maker in NJ that allowed people to sell under the Goldberg's name, the Baltimore guy who seemed more senior in the arrangement registered it before the Rockville guy was open and forgot to renew it, he feels the Rockville guy stole his knowledge and the name but can't afford a prior use/same geographical area/likelihood of confusion trademark infringement case. The Baltimore guy's Black Russian bagel is just stellar, and the best in Baltimore IMHO. Not related, just an eater. Bottom line--is Rockville/Silver Spring as good? Is it better than all other DC? Bagel Smackdown!

          2. We tried these for the first time last week - the SO drove up and said it was mad crazy and they were out of a bunch (everythings!) of varieties -- but it was fairly late in the morning. 4 bagels and cream cheese were reasonably priced.

            Overall though, the bagels themselves were awesome! Very near to the NJ bagels my grandmother always gets when I'm home.

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            1. re: ec_washington55

              I am going to make a point of trying the place out now --- and getting a bialy or two.

              Thanks for all the feedback!!!