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Jan 14, 2010 11:26 AM

Columbus: NY-style pizza, German, and ladies' lunch recs

New to Columbus, long-time Chowhound reader. I always get great suggestions from this board, and I'm excited to explore a new city with my taste buds!
In-laws are coming to visit this weekend and my father-in-law has requested German food and NY-style pizza (he is originally from NY and we had a couple places where we previously lived). For German, we've been to Schmidt's and would like to try someplace else. I've seen mixed reviews on Juergen's -- anyone been there recently? Are there any other places to try?
Anyone have a favorite NY-style pizza place in Columbus?
Finally, I will probably be going out to lunch with my daughter and my mother-in-law and would like a rec for that. Something local, nicer than fast food but not too formal, could be a frou-frou type of place but doesn't have to be. My daughter is young but is pretty open to eating any type of cuisine.
Thanks for any suggestions you can provide!

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  1. Take your father-in-law to Thurn's Specialty Meats (530 Greenlawn, by 71) and get some old school sausage. It's not a restaurant, though. Or you can head NE toward Amish country.

    Spagio would be a good choice for lunch. Nice without being formal, lots of variety, nobody will look at you strangely for taking a kid, etc.

    1. I don't blame you for not wanting to go back to Schmidt's; the word "overrated" comes to mind. I have no recs for German.

      Trust me, Columbus is a pizza wasteland. The only New York Style pizza of any consequence is Flying Pizza. I think they've changed the name to something else, but the contact info should be the same at this link:

      Local? Lunch? Kids? Easy, North Star Cafe (not frou frou, though).

      1. Thanks kura kura and ladybugthepug for your suggestions. I will definitely try those sometime soon.
        We ended up at Flying Pizza for NY-style pizza. Here's my opinion: very tasty, but it didn't match our perception of NY-style pizza. I suppose it is closer than some. I loved the crust -- one of the best-tasting crusts I've had in a while. But it was too thick for NY-style. I guess we'll try Adriatico's next.
        For the ladies' lunch, we went to Mozart's Cafe and Bakery in Clintonville. Food was pretty decent, but the service was not. We were neglected for quite a while, and I wondered if it was because we brought a child. All the other customers were helped before us. The display case was packed with mouth-watering desserts, but that's probably the only thing I'd come back for.
        We ended up not getting German -- headed over to North Market instead where we could each get something different.

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          I spend a lot of time in the New York Metro area, I wholeheartedly agree with you that it's New York Style-esque. It's too thick. The pizza in Columbus is horrific. Adriatico's is the thick doughy Sicilian style, some of the better pizza in Columbus but definitely not New York Style. The only truly NYS I've had in Ohio is Sweet Basil's up in Cleveland, but that's because the guy lived in New Jersey and knows what it's all about. I lived in Columbus for ten years and was sorely disappointed with the pizza there. Another one you might try is Bellaria Pizza, not NYS but very good.

          1. re: SavorLife

            Adriatico's is NOTHING like NY Style Pizza - FYI.

            Luce up in Powell does some great pies - more pizza neopolitan (the style that seems to be most prominent in NYC these days) than "NY Style" foldover slices.

            Honestly - the Pizza Scene here is horrendous, though I've not tried BonoTogo which many swear by.

            Mozart's.....ugh.....and sadly that is about the "best" bistro food in Columbus. :-(