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Jan 14, 2010 11:11 AM

Hide Sushi visit...

Had a good hour and a half before the Ricky Jay show last Saturday night, and was unfamiliar with the local sushi places... Took a flier on Hide, based on the citysearch reviews. It was more or less as described - No frills, but the price/quality ratio was superb. Very, very fresh tasting fish, friendly chef amenable to a custom roll we requested (chopped yellow-tail, shiso, yellow pickles - daikon, I guess?). We had a fair but not too large dinner and a couple beers and got out for $60 with tip. We were there early and had no wait to sit at the sushi bar, though by the time we left every seat was filled. And we still had an hour to kill.

Hide Sushi Japanese Restaurant
2040 Sawtelle Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025

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  1. That's been my experience there as well. I've seen detractors on yelp and other sites but personally I think it's one of the better sushi places in that tier below all the higher-end ones (Zo, etc.).

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    1. re: QualityMart

      in my experience it is absolutely the best of the sushi places in that tier.

    2. At that price, I think sugarfish by nozawa (which gets no love at all on these boards) is the best. No sushi-bar-chef/customer interaction, and precious few options beyond the "Trust Me" and a few specials they have that night. But IMHO it is the best reasonably priced sushi in LA.

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      1. re: Ciao Bob

        must respectfully disagree.
        to me sugarfish is one of the worst.

        tuna shot through with white dental-floss-like connective tissue is discarded at most places, not at sugarfish
        not too many other places think that pouring a gallon of not-so-good ponzu sauce on said tuna sashimi is a good idea.
        and i could go on . . . .

        1. re: westsidegal

          I wonder if you just had a one-off experience at Sugarfish. I've eaten there 5 times so far and haven't experienced the connective tissue you mention. Might've been bad luck and I would have sent it back for a replacement. Sugarfish is my favorite casual sushi spot.

          Their maguro is some of the best I've had and it can compete with Sasabune (although completely different ball game).

          I never pay for salmon sushi unless it's wild which basically rules out salmon everywhere.. but their salmon has changed me.. melts in your mouth.

          Over doses of ponzu I would agree with you. But the sashimi has surprising small chunks of tuna fat which makes up for it.

          I prefer to order a la carte rather than Trust Me because I'd rather order more maguro, sake, and hamachi than the snapper, halibut, and shrimp they give you.

          I've actually experienced the connective tissue you mention at Irori. Never at Sugarfish.

          1. re: awwwyeah206

            i don't go to irori either.
            they, too, submerge their fish in oceans of ponzu and other sauces.
            their fish quality, though, was better than that of sugarfish, which isn't saying much.

            for the money, i'd rather drive the extra 15 minutes and have better fish at K-Zo in culver city.

      2. For the price, it's solid. Since they are usually so busy, the fish is always fresh, based on the volume they go through. It's my go-to spot for quick and inexpensive solid sushi. Is it creative? Not really. Relaxing? Not so much. But, it is what it is. Their salmon and yellowtail are usually very good. Last time I was there, the ankimo was so tender that we ordered seconds. Unfortunately, the second serving was not nearly as good as the first. But, at that price, it was something I could deal with. I'll continue to go there when I want no-frills, inexpensive sushi.

        1. I need to try Hide again. My first visit was mediocre at best; some of the nigiri was down right awful. Could have been an off night...

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          1. re: vinosnob

            Yes, by all means, vinosnob, give it another try.
            Our experience has been quite varied over the years. At first, it was exquisite and extremely inexpensive. Then, a few years ago it took a slow dive with a change in chefs and a subsequent change in quality of the fish and timing...sometimes it was so slow. At about that time, the prices seemed to soar as well.
            Recently, we are noting an improvement in their fish quality, although I believe their prices are still higher than they ever were.
            The service has always been good, in our opinion, and they continue to serve some of the best sushi bar green tea I have found in LA.

          2. That's the thing about Hide. The ambience is not conducive to lingering. But the fish is good.