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Jan 14, 2010 11:03 AM

Petit Fours

Hi - I'm from New Orleans and am planning a wedding here in LA. All I've ever wanted for a wedding cake is stacks of petit fours (a la MacKenzies in New Orleans). Does anyone know of any bakeries in town that make petit fours? Not the kind with filling on the inside, just the cake and icing!

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  1. Valerie Confections downtown.

    Caprice French Pastries in Santa Monica

    Jin Patisserie

    Paris Pastry on Westwood

    or Divine Delights

    1. You can also try:
      They're located up north but, understand they're very yummy...

      1. Check the Wikipedia entry for an interesting picture of petits fours arranged in a tower.

        Ap-Petite ( ) doesn't have exactly what you're looking for, but they do offer brilliant little pastries and cakes that you might find inspiring and possibly useful.

        140 N Lake Ave, Pasadena, CA 91101

        1. I have been looking for this exact thing for years! I hope someone knows of a place. I thought I was making these up!!!

          1. Just found out from a friend in NO that Gambino's ships. If you can't find something in LA, that might be an option.

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              I tried Gambino's. They shipped to my apt in LA just fine, but their petit fours are more like mini king cake then like the petit fours we know and love.

              To the suggestions above, thank you for posting these, but those bakers sell the "fancier" kind of petit four that are filled with a variety of jams and fillings.

              What I'm looking for is a square of almond-like pound cake covered in a fondant. It's a pretty simple dessert but heavenly!