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Jan 14, 2010 10:45 AM

The Office Delray Beach Post

Just saw there was post about the office in Delray that was deleted a few days ago. Not sure why.

The post certainly wasn't favorable but I thought it was honest and accurate. The poster was simply commenting on the prices, which are indeed high, and the doorman. Maybe it was how he described the doorman that caused the deletion. Because this doorman was certainly reminiscient to the type of doorman you would see at a "certain type" of club.

I remember agreeing with the poster as the doorman did seem out of place and turned me off a little. A doorman in all black is not for place that calls itslef a "pub".

A pub is a friendly inviting place where you can grab a beer and a quick bite with friends. It's not a velvet rope night club with bouncers and techno music.

The Office seems like a cool place with a great beer selection. Hopefully they lose the doorman.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The beer list looks very good. Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale is a classic ale with the perfect malt flavor.

      If you would like to check out their menu, here you go:

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Had lunch yesterday at the Office. Service was excellent although they were quite bust at 1:00 p.m. The room is beautiful but very noisy. Had some excellent, well prepared drinks with juice squeezed to order. Shared a generous charcuterie plate ($15 I think) then had pork belly appetizer($13) which was enough for my meal and had the house salad($7), also excellent. Caramel pot de creme for dessert ($9). All in all I would say, yes, the prices were a bit high but I found value in what I ordered and thoroughly enjoyed. The exec chef was on hand overseeing all the food, management was accessible (Thanks Ed) and no doorman in sight (it was daytime, of course). Jessica, our bartender could not have been more friendly or helpful. I am only visiting down here for 3 weeks and know I will be back before I go home...

          1. i absolutely agree, the doorman thing was such a turnoff. we went the weekend after the official opening and the place was busy but definitely not packed. we just wanted to have a quick drink and visit one of our good friends who's a bartender there. when we walked up to the door and noticed the ropes and had a little laugh at how pretentious that seemed for our little town of delray, then when we were rudely turned away we were shocked. the excuse the doorman gave (with a major attitude) was that it was too busy inside and we could go to the outside bar if we wanted. i could see inside... it wasn't busy. they just wanted people to congregate outside so the place looked busy and exciting to people driving/walking by. we walked around to the outside bar which was 3 people deep and then were told by a hired security guard that we couldn't block the sidewalk. that was all we needed to get the hell out of there, so off to tryst! it was mobbed but got a drink at the bar in minutes and a table not long after.

            my brother who was with me came up with a catch phrase "who the F**K wants to be at the office on a friday night?"

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              Let me preface the following sentence by saying we've never done this before. My husband and I sat down at the bar, ordered drinks, then left without drinking them to go to Tryst. The bartenders were unfriendly, the place seemed "cold", and I wasn't impressed that we were directed to where we should sit at the bar. Shouldn't I be able to sit anywhere at a bar? As promised by other posters the menu was expensive even for appetizers and I didn't find any of the appetizers very appetizing. Realizing how subjective this post is I'm willing to give The Office a second chance in a few months but for now there are a lot of other places in the area that I would rather go to (Tryst, Cafe de France, Cut 432, etc).

              1. re: phonecutest

                I had high hopes for this place, but I don't like what I'm reading in these posts and also the fairly high prices. Hopefully they get their act together.