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Jan 14, 2010 10:41 AM

Wichita for 24 hours, where to eat?

I'll be in Wichita KS at the end of the month, for almost exactly 24 hours . I'm looking for recommendations for dinner and lunch for sure but if there's a don't miss for a weekday breakfast, I'll take that, too. I prefer locally-owned and I'm not scared off by dives. I'll do a chain if it's something really unusual for the midwest but usually like to support family-owned businesses. If you are recommending Mexican, my preference is Tex-Mex although I am partial to interior Mex when it comes to tacos. I like the little, two corn tortilla tacos, meat and onion and cilantro, with maybe some lime to squeeze and a great sauce. Love lengua, cabeza, tripas! I'm open to unusual foods and exotic cuisine. I'll have a car while I'm in town on business so I don't mind traveling. Hotel within 15 minutes of airport, just for point of reference. Hope there are some KS chowhounds who can give me the skinny!

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  1. Malaysia Cafe at 7777 E 21st Street North. Lots of food at a VERY good price, and the food I've had there is wonderful when I'm in town.

    Menu found below:

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      Thanks, Sumrtym, for the link to Malaysia Cafe. It looks good!

    2. Bomber Burger has great handmade burgers and fresh cut fries. It is a tiny dive. Ty's Diner is another old joint with the same and a larger menu.

      The original Nuway cafe has been open since 1930 - everything is good, but be sure to try a loose meat burger and their own root beer.

      Stroud's Restaurant is in a 1930s barn and serve great family style meals. They are best known for their pan fried chicken, but the smoked pork chops and fired catfish are also very good.

      B & C Barbeque is only open for lunch but they have very good BBQ and sides on a buffet served in an old garage.

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        KT, thank you! B&C is very close for lunch and Nuway Cafe and Bomber Burger look like great options for dinner.

        Any Indian or Vietnamese recommendations?

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          I'd skip the Indian places. A college buddy of mine lives in Wichita who is Indian, and can testify of their not being any great Indian food there. There isn't a big Indian community in that town.

          That said, he does love, and is the one that put me onto, that Malaysia Cafe.

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            No Indian, but I was very pleased with Thai Tradition Restaurant.

            It has been a couple of years since I have been there. I was going to eat there today, but I-35 was closed by freezing fog and a huge wreck and I gave up the trip and turned around.

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              There is a huge Vietnamese population here. Here are a few restaurants to get you started:

              Kim Huong, Pho Hot, My Tho, Bida Saigon, My Canh, Saigon Bistro, Pho' 99, Tochau, and for more Americanized Vietnamese, try Saigon